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Snickers – Debate

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Politics is like a sport in Puerto Rico. People are very passionate and 2016 had been more hectic and crazy than any other election years. Knowing the type of elections and candidates this election year MediaCom knew that the last debate before elections was going to be full of moments for the brand to shine indirectly.   

Although the presence of brands in politics is forbidden by Law, it needed to get into the debate and stir conversation. The debates have very strong rules (placed by the election commission), that’s why together with the network and after reading through the guidelines and rules of the debate, the agency found a loophole in the guidelines that it took advantage of.  

It allowed the agency to make a strategical placement within the debate and by using its real-time content and communication structure, it could “play” with people reactions through the debate in various media. 


Election period is full of moments were people don’t act as themselves, moments where they contradict themselves, when they scream or name call the other political opponents. All of these are unique moments for Snickers to take advantage off, because you are not you when you are hungry (No eres tu cuando tienes hambre).  

The last TV debate before elections was expected to have good ratings and many possible opportunities of “political moments” and craziness for the brand to take advantage. MediaCom indirectly needed to take part of it, and by strategically place Snickers within the TV Political Debate, reinforcing it with Radio and Press tactical executions, tied with the brand digital ecosystem, it would transform the execution into one key moment for any brand in the history of politics in media.    

The agency used the full ecosystem of the brand and network, it wanted to have a strong impact on the execution and placement that would allow it to continue Snickers strong growth and presence in the market.  


In a joint agreement with Univision, the TV Network broadcasting the debate, MediaCom tactically placed a Snickers bars in the moderator podium during the debate. History in the making. The network transmitted the debate and the brand reinforced it through paid efforts in its own social platforms. It took off with personalities and many others going to their social platforms commenting on the product placement, many wondering why and to whom the moderator was going to give the Snickers bar. 

Also, other strategically non-political reference about the debate were executed in Radio, posted in social and reinforced. The agency closed it off the following day of the debate, in coordination with one of the principal newspapers (Primera Hora), placing an Editorial of the debate in the paper together with a Snickers print ad in the same page; consolidating the “indirect” presence of the brand with the debate. 

In all it was a Multi-Channel effort of TV, Press, Radio, OOH and Social. 


Results for this campaign remain confidential at the client's request. 

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Brand Owner:
Puerto Rico
October - October 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
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