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Bombo De Mi Corazón / Heart Beat Drum

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Santa Fe is one of the two main soccer teams in Bogota. Huawei has been Santa Fe’s official sponsor for several years, nonetheless, it has never taken this sponsorship to the next level leveraging what the team means to thousands in the city with a massive strategy to detonate conversations and feelings. 

Since only 36,000 fans could assist to one of the most important games in the history of the club, the main objective was to get together half of the hearts of the city to be present in the stadium. 

For soccer fans, there is nothing worst and most frustrating than not being able to attend to the finals, to a historic, or major game of their team, their passion. Fans would do anything to be present either in person or with their soul (in this case their heart) on the field to encourage and cheer up their team. 


The strategy was to carry the heartbeats of half of the city to the stadium literally. 

MediaCom created a great BTL activation that moved around the city collecting Santa Fe’s fans heartbeats in several Bogota’s neighbourhoods and near the stadium, especially the ones that could not assist to the final game, in a giant drum (“Bombo de mi Corazón”). 

Thanks to a special Bluetooth connection and functionality of the “Bombo de mi Corazón” with the main and general sound system of the stadium, heartbeats started to throb around the field at the beginning of the final game against historic Argentinian team River Plate as if they were a great Drum. The heartbeats pounded as one with the fans´ drums. 

The campaign had a complementary content strategy in Huawei’s owned media, influencers and mass media. 


The agency developed a portable bus stop ad with an insertion of the “Bombo de mi Corazón” drum. The drum was more than two meters in circumference. 

- A screen in which Santa Fe’s memorable goals were projected, exploding fans emotions and heartbeats, accompanied the instrument. 

- Additionally, it had a unique functionality, through a saturation/ heartbeat controller measurer or pedometer that connected to fans fingers and hearts, measured the heartbeats one by one and stored them in the drum. 

- After collecting the heartbeats, the agency invited fans to connect with their social networks and published a photo that was taken from the drum with the number of beats stored in the drum. 

- The “Bombo de mi Corazón” visited several neighbourhoodsAlso, it placed it before the match near the stadium. 

- As the South American “Recopa” final match against River Plate started, the agency connected the “Bombo de mi Corazón” to the official sound system of the stadium via Bluetooth so that the players could hear the heartbeats of half of the city. 

- The entire stadium and the players heard the heartbeats during the game. 


Results remain confidential at the client's request.  

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