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In a world where spending time choosing a gift costs more than the gift itself, Hersheys Kisses was looking for the easiest way for users to send a personalised gift without taking so much time. 

In this way you could choose the personalisation of the giant kiss and also send a personalised message in the form of video or image to your loved ones without going to the mall or stores, optimising their time and offering an innovative experience. 


UM was looking to find an easy way for people to send a personalised gift to their loved one during a high gifting season (Christmas). Through a compelling e-commerce platform and leveraging the awareness gained from the prior campaign (Kisses x1 peso), the agency catalysed three user moments: awareness, consideration and sales. 


The idea was that through the e-commerce platform, people could send a giant personalised Kiss to someone important to them before December 23rd, and upload a photo or a video wishing them a Merry Christmas. The person receiving the gift would not know anything until December 24th when they would receive a URL to access the website and see the photo or video. 

The participant had to follow these steps: 

• Enter the e-commerce website and select the gift wrap 

• Select the card that would come with the package 

• Write the message that they wanted to say to their loved one 

• Upload a Merry Christmas photo or video. 

On the morning of December 24th, all the people who were sent a giant Kiss could access a website where they would type in a code to receive the heartfelt message from their loved one.  


During a very competitive season, Hersheys Kisses gained 250% more sales vs. planned, and both awareness and overall sales of the brand increased in % vs the previous year. 

The agency expected 1,500 images and 500 videos, and ended up with people sending 3,500 images and 1,000 videos to their loved ones. 

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November - December 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
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