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Shell LATAM Pass Launch

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Argentines have suffered lots of economic crisis over the years, with high inflation and fuel prices going up. People were putting fuel into their tank using calculation at the end of the month to be able to save as much money as possible. Lots of Argentines were choosing low quality fuel versus the premium brand V-Power, or other cheaper brands.  

As fuel prices had gone up, chances of travelling throughout the country and the world were getting harder. So MediaCom wanted to encourage perception that Shell was much more than just putting fuel into the tank.  

In Argentina, there are few airline frequency programmes that make it possible to earn miles to travel round the world. LATAM Pass is one of the best programmes, allowing you to travel anywhere in the world with very convenient exchange of mileage. 

The agency wanted to let people know how with the new Shell LATAM Pass joint programme it was bringing more value to the fuel exchange experience. It needed to show them how Shell´s fuel not only took you to places with your car, but also earned you more kilometres to travel the world.  


MediaCom first needed to create awareness of the new joint loyalty programme to earn registrations, however, the biggest challenge would be to get them to spend more on V-power, unleaded fuel, and spend more.   

To be more effective and relevant it needed to target the right audiences, so data would be key to the delivery of more effective campaign.  

Hence, why it decided to phase the launch in two: 

• First by announcing the joint co-branding of the loyalty programme to create awareness amongst fuel consumers and driving them online and to POS to capture new registrations and data. 

• Secondly, by using this data to target consumers with a big promo to reward fuel consumption with chances to more kilometres on LATAM and a BMW each week, when they referred three friends and spent more fuel together. It would also give double kilometres to those that consumed V-Power. As a group, the more fuel they bought the highest chances of winning they would have. 

This two-phased strategy would prove to be key for the success of the campaign. 


On the August 1st 2016, the agency launched the first phase of the campaign, with a 360 multi-platform campaign showcasing the new loyalty card Shell LATAM Pass. With full exposure on TV, OOH and display and point of sales, and a microsite and fan page specially designed for the launch it created maximum awareness on the new programme. The agency captured data of people interested and those that didn´t end up registering. 

Then on the 1st of November, it launched the promotional campaign, using all the data captured during the first phase to target them with its referral scheme, where people could win over 400,000 kilometres on LATAM plus a BMW weekly, when they referred three friends to the programme on a special microsite created with “virtual cars”. Each car could get four friends to start earning miles together.  

It used influencers and TV hosts to promote the referral experience, by getting them to tell who they were adding to their virtual cars, and challenging them to earn miles together.  

On POS it innovated using WAZE branded Pins to drive more consumers to gas stations, earning over 34,000 new interactions.  

The agency also created an alliance with Movistar Telefonica, the country’s largest Telco, to target those mobile users that had used roaming in the last six months with a direct SMS with the promo, which caused reported a 45% of response.  

With data collected it targeted on social and programmatic those who had showed interest duplicating effectiveness on registrations and generating over 163,373 user interactions. 


Results for this campaign remain confidential at the client's request.  

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August - November 2016
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