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Aveeno Masterbrand Cross-Category Conversion

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AVEENO® is a brand people know and love, with a wide range of multiple product lines which span across a user’s lifetime from baby care products to anti-aging solutions. However, despite being active in multiple product categories, there was limited cross-category purchasing of Aveeno products.   

On average, Aveeno buyers purchase five of the categories which Aveeno plays in; however, the Aveeno brand is purchased in only 1.4 of those categories.   

For example, the AVEENO® Baby buyer is a favourable target as they tend to spend more than the average Aveeno buyer; however, two-thirds of AVEENO® Baby buyers do not purchase Aveeno Adult categories.   

Since many Aveeno consumers were loyal to only one product segment in the franchise, agency J3 had an opportunity to introduce its key target to the larger Aveeno portfolio. 

So it posed the challenge: How can it leverage data to build up Aveeno as a cross-category brand and drive cross-category Aveeno purchases? 


The agency set out to develop a strategy that would deepen relevance with consumers and retailers to loyalise existing AVEENO® consumers and grow their lifetime value by: 

• Driving awareness via full year Masterbrand/cross-category support 

• Targeting millennial mums with Masterbrand/+1 communication 

With its objectives laid out, J3 developed and executed a programme based on the opportunity to create cross product line promotions to drive overall sales of Aveeno.  

Its data strategy was to seek out users who currently purchase Aveeno in one category but have not yet chosen to try an additional line of products. In order to effectively seek out consumers who purchase Aveeno products, it mined amassed shopper data to create its audience segmentation.  

Audiences were then built based off shoppers who purchase Aveeno but not within a particular product line - Body Wash, Facial Cleanser, Body Lotion, Aging Skincare, and Aveeno Baby. Honing in on new and lapsed users to the Aveeno product lines drove efficiency and ensured that all of the brand’s media budget went to targeting this specific audience.   

Once the audiences were defined, it layered addressability into the creative to customise the messaging not only based on which audience a user was a member of, but also based on UV index, wake up/bedtime routines, retailer locations, FSIs in market, season, and contextual environment. The creative dynamism created added equity for the brand in creating personalised messaging for the consumers in the moment they were being served.   


The agency executed its customised cross-category strategy with premium sites to scale the NCS segments and identify users while they were on high quality content. Publishers were vetted and chosen based on both scale and relevance. The layering of the purchase-based targeting, contextual environmental triggers, as well as personalisation of media led to Aveeno reaching users at the times they were ready to buy. 

Budget was spread across programmatic media channels and in tandem with over 18,000 pieces of addressable engaging creative to launch a comprehensive media and creative strategy.  

Throughout the campaign J3 optimised based on the creative, tactics, channels and inventory sources that performed the best. The layering of the purchase-based targeting, contextual environmental triggers, as well as personalisation of media led to Aveeno reaching users while they were primed to buy. Honing in on new and lapsed users to the Aveeno product lines drove overall results. 


Results remain confidential at the client's request.  

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Brand Owner:
Johnson & Johnson
United States
September - December 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs shortlisted

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