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Fido 22nd of the Month

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A hot topic for consumers, exceeding its mobile data plan is an indisputable scourge in 2016. Thanks to an extensive research of Fido’s database, OMD was able to identify that on average a consumer is running out of data on the 22nd day of the month. It is at this specific moment that their universe is turned upside down. They put an end to their musical consumption, vanish from Instagram, start to lose contact with the virtual world, get anxiety and major FOMO: THE end of the world for millennials.  

Consumers running out of data on the 22nd day of the month, the agency imposed itself in unconventional environments where the addition of data was a matter of survival. 


The innovation lies behind the fact that it totally overtook the campaign insight: Millennials run out of data on average on the 22nd day of the month. The agency deeply studied the daily path of its target and presented an ironic moment of what it is to not have any data left, by encouraging them to subscribe to Fido. 

Millennials, insatiable of data, have constant anxiety to see their monthly bill appear. This alters their daily behaviour and triggers multiple wifi searches. Nothing to do with their innate quest for freedom!!! 

The strategy was simple, dominate all millennials media channels on the 22nd of the month with messages that dramatised the situation. 


OMD used a complete ecosystem consisting of Video, digital, stunts and placed-based out-of-home. STUNT: On the 22nd of the month, a guitarist and singer dominated the sidewalks of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal putting forward the absence of Spotify. The selection of locations were based on three criteria:  
1) Necessity of a large pedestrian artery  
2) Need to have a great concentration of millennials and / or students  
3) A quiet place to highlight the songs - the tactical team was able to put forward the Fido packages and tease the non-premium users of Spotify. 

UNCONVENTIONAL MEDIA: Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Newad, in the bars of Canada, on the 22th day of the month, consumers were lost without their dating apps. Therefore, it made it easy for people to find their soulmates: through the use of place-based napkins. The front of the napkins indicated the possibility for people to write their name and mobile numbers and on the back, there was an explanation of the concept Day 22 in order to highlight the Fido packages. 

DIGITAL & TV: In digital and TV, Fido dominated the schedule through various high impact formats making it apparent: the imperative need for data. Significant partnerships with Google and Facebook enabled it to dominate the 22nd day of the month with a custom Masthead, roadblocks on Google Network, carousel ads on Facebook, etc. In addition, TV billboards and programme sponsorships allowed the agency to dominate the schedule on City, Sportsnet, CTV and TVA stations. 


The results exceeded expectations. 

- Direct traffic increased massively during this period (+225%) 
- A tremendous increase in the activation of phone plans was recorded 
- Engagement rate of three minutes with the impact formats exceeded industry benchmarks 
- Lastly, in-store visits have increased by 7% year over year. Fido will have positioned the data package as a millennial lifesaver. 

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May - June 2017
Media Channel:
Direct Marketing,Digital,TV
  • FMAs shortlisted

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