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Nayi Soch: New Thinking

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Star Plus, India’s biggest TV network, has a loyal female audience base. With thriving competition, the challenge was to stay relevant and resonate with younger India. It wanted to promote the role women play in everyone’s lives through the roster of entertainment & sponsorship programming, putting spotlight on gender equality.

Mindshare identified three stereotypes within the value systems that hold women’s potential. Hence the role for Star Plus as a brand was to challenge these and unshackle the old thinking and bring alive “NAYI SOCH” a new way of thinking.

The insight stemmed from commonly followed cultural norms that define the boundaries of gender roles within the family systems. A few of these that the agency identified to target were:

• “Beta baap ka naam roshan karta hai” - The son will make his father’s name proud & the success achievement & pride are linked only to father’s name.
• “ Ladkiyon ko apne dayare mein rehna chaiye” - Women should stay within the boundaries defined for them
• “ Beta ghar ka karobar aage badhata hai , betiyaan paraya dhan” - It’s the sons who carry the family legacy & the business forward.


Nayi Soch: A campaign that taps into the thought that women are today opening up endless opportunities and we are living in a new world, changing the way future generations live and eliminating gender stereotypes.

The three key consumer and cultural tensions were addressed by NAYI SOCH media strategy from launch to growth phase...


1st Tension: The son will make his father’s name proud

• Three videos were created with the top superstars of the Indian cricket team – Virat Kohli, M.S.Dhoni & Ajinkya Rahane. They were shown sporting the new jersey with the Mother’s name.

• On-ground: In first of its kind innovation during the India vs New Zealand series the entire Indian team unveiled New jerseys with their mother’s name on the back. During toss time & in between breaks commentators spoke to the cricketers to bring out the entire significance of this gesture and the role played by mother’s in their life.

• Social Media: The agency created Nayi Soch experience on social media & ran the #nayisoch and encouraged people to build conversations around the campaign and they could also get a display picture of the New Indian team jersey with their own mother’s name at the back.

• While Social media was used as an engagement driver & conversation starter, mobile was used to re-enforce the message with the cricketing audiences.

• Display was used as reach driver & massive buzz was created using content seeding and placement on top cricket portals across match days.

• Star Plus embedded the ‘New Thinking’ into its new hit TV show ‘Naamkaran’ focusing on a little girl and her struggle to understand her identity even though she doesn’t know her father.

2nd Tension: Women should stay within the boundaries defined for them

• The Main Hoon Nayi Soch Video paid tribute to the hurdles women face & overcome.

• It also asked women to share their pledge to follow through on their limitless potential in order to achieve their goals. 

• Star Screen Awards: It also integrated with Star Screen Awards to honour women with limitless potential & institutionalised a Nayi Soch award that was given to Alia Bhatt for her progressive portrayal of women in movies.

3rd Tension: It’s the sons who carry the family legacy & the business forward.


• The campaign was also extended on the Women’s day with a film where it shifted the focus this time from Mother’s to Daughters addressing the dogged belief that only the sons can be the future heir to the business & carry its legacy forward. Hence most establishments are named with the suffix “& Sons”. E.G: Singh & Sons, Gupta & Sons etc.

• A film challenged this stereotype with the protagonist going on to explain how daughters can equally contribute in building a strong business and names his establishment as “Gurdeep Singh & Daughters”.

• Mindshare created 10 different content videos of Father-Daughter duo and highlighted stories where the daughter have carried the family legacy forward successfully. (Subhash Ghai-Meghana Ghai, Ramesh & Anushree Tainwala, Manmohan Shetty & Aarti Shetty etc.)


• The Channel regained its position as a consistent No. 1 in the GEC category.

• The channel share grew from 20.5 % to 22.5 % even when the category as a whole declined from 30% to 27.3%

• The consideration scores for Star Plus as a brand with new age values grew by 7%.

• Amul a Brand that has been creating ads on major cultural events for decades created an Ad paying tribute to #Nayisoch.

• The campaign generated over 232 million impressions on Social Media.

• The campaign reached over 156 million people.

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