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VCTV by Vodka Cruiser

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Australia was re-thinking its love affair with alcohol, millennials even more so. In this challenging climate, Vodka Cruiser an iconic 'pre-mixed/ready to drink (RTD)' brand was faced with a situation where most young women saw a disconnect with the brand, where its relevance had eroded within a category in sharp decline. It needed a powerful approach to build relevance and influence mindset at a deeper level. 

For young women, life is hectic and their loyalties can be frankly quite fickle. Vizeum needed to uncover why the inherent tension between enjoying the taste of Vodka Cruiser and not identifying with the projected image. As the agency probed deeper, through focus groups and speaking to female psychology experts, it became clear that the values and identity of these young women was in a state of transition.

The powerful insight was identified: “They want to be celebrated for who they are today, yet seek ways to discover who they want to be.”

The brand needed to be a cultural catalyst, keeping pace with consumers lives, giving them an aspirational window to the world.


This gave rise to the strategic communications platform ‘Discover your spirit’ that has since been adopted as the overarching brand essence guiding Vodka Cruiser.

The business wanted to change perceptions, widen brand associations and make sure Vodka Cruiser continued its journey as a progressive icon. It had a perfect setting to shift the dial on relevance and establish Vodka Cruiser as an authentic symbol of youthful confidence and dynamism.

Vizeum designed an approach to connect culturally using branded content in a uniquely compelling way to position Vodka Cruiser as a modern brand that entertains, inspires and sparks conversation.

The strategic idea was to take Aussie women (18-24) on a journey of discovery that encourages self-expression and fuels confidence. The key however was to speak to them through their favourite devices, using credible voices.

The agency created VCTV, a category first branded content series shot in high definition specifically for the Facebook Live platform. It partnered with SketchShe, who are amongst the biggest global social media celebrities to create a six episode series, screened live weekly. Approachable, energetic and free spirited - it selected Influencers that were a perfect embodiment of the brand personality.

The fast and funny chat show was designed to follow an interactive format covering themes like relationships, food, travel, fashion and career to build Vodka Cruiser’s image as a true social companion. Hosted in infotainment style, each show featured socially influential guests. This wasn’t TV as they knew it. Viewers didn’t watch VCTV, they were part of it.

This idea was an innovative use of Facebook Live, pushing the technology into unexplored territory. A true representation of the brand’s pioneering spirit. It created an immersive experience that heightened Vodka Cruiser’s ability to drive active engagement- another core business objective.

Multiple trade promotions and giveaways, as well as product placements were baked into the approach to fuel sales growth.


Branded content typically takes the form of native stories, or hosted videos. Facebook Live itself was being used sporadically by brands to cover events. Never before had it been used in Australia as an ongoing episodic branded content platform- that changed its usage to live interactive ‘TV like’ broadcast.

The agency shot six VCTV episodes using multiple cameras that streamed it weekly via Facebook Live.

Vodka Cruiser became one of the first brands in the country to be whitelisted for promotion of ‘live’ content as it unfolds. The content was also pre-promoted in the form of teasers and trailers, invitations to users to submit their own content for inclusion in the show, as well as boosting through time targeted two hour windows before each show went live.

There was re-targeting to ensure fans were always in the know as well as immersive Facebook canvas units to introduce new audiences to the show. Facebook Carousel ads ensured the product was top of mind and built desire for the exciting range of Vodka Cruiser flavours.

Vizeum amplified VCTV across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Outdoor, POS and owned channels.  Organic sharing brought in Twitter and Snapchat into the fold.

A smart fusion of influencer marketing, user generated content and product integration made VCTV a ground-breaking case of branded content harnessing the power of ‘live’.


The campaign exceeded all its core objectives:

1) Shift Brand Perception:
• In a brand study conducted amongst a control vs exposed to the Facebook activity group, it saw a 9% increase in brand favourability (vs. regional benchmark of 1.8%).
• There was a reduction in negative perception with those viewing Vodka Cruiser as ‘Somewhat favourable’ down by 2% and ‘Very unfavourable’ down by 4%.
• 23% increase in Ad recall (vs. a benchmark of 8%).

2)  Brand Engagement:
• Total reach - 1.35 million Facebook users
• 90% of Target Audience reached
• Overall time spent with brand” – 346,209 minutes = 240 days
• Total content views – 3,235,675
• Total Episode Tune In – 781,985
• Total Reactions – 10,326
• 23 million social media impressions

3) Sales:
• A staggering 9.3% uplift in sales volume overall - triple that of forecast growth.
• 7% uplift was seen across two of the top retail chains alone. With no external factors different vs same time previous year, it can isolate this impact due to the campaign. The promotional giveaways within the show were for select independent stockists only; not driving to these retailer.

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Vodka Cruiser
Brand Owner:
Drinks (alcoholic)
October - December 2016
Vizeum (1)
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