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Only You For Me

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Having been in Malaysia for last 85 years, today Lipton is the local consumers favourite tea brand.  While Lipton is the market leader in pot bags (25%) and tea bags (22%) segments, it remains second to BOH, its competitor in loose tea segment - which was the biggest tea segment (30%). Lipton’s business challenge was to accelerate conversion from BOH’s loose tea users into Lipton’s pot bag user.

Agency research suggested two clear insights: a) For housewives, richer and redder colour is the hallmark of a strong cup of tea. The other interesting insight was a strong cup of tea can hold back the husbands at home for longer period of time.

For a good cup of Teh Tarik (Strong tea), the Mamak (Tea Shop) has been the “golden standard”, its Kaw (strong) taste is what husbands crave for. Housewives prefer their husbands to drink Teh Tarik at home, rather than out at Mamak. This allows them to spend more time to bond. Therefore, housewives pride themselves in making a good cup of Teh Tarik.

Lipton Ekstra Kaw was crafted, with a new tea blend specially catered to Malaysians’ preference, it offers richer taste and redder colour, that makes it best for Teh Tarik. It is also a well-known fact that wives like to be praised by their husbands. Therefore, this campaign “Hanya Kaw Untukku” (“Only you for me”) or, also known as “Only Kaw tea for me” was crafted to drive awareness and trial of the Ekstra Kaw range.


Taking the insight forward, Mindshare went beyond showcasing the tasteful cup of Teh Tarik, and captured the intimate moments shared by husband and wife over a rich cup of tea.

Traditional media was used to drive reach, and digital channels to drive social engagement with Malay mums. It also understood that Malay housewives have high affinity towards dramas on TV, as the latest drama gossips are a routine tea time conversations with their friends and family.

The agency partnered with Media Prima Television Networks (MPTN), the channel with highest reach among Malay audience, to launch the ‘Hanya Kaw Untukku’ (Only You for Me) campaign for Lipton, that aims to drive awareness, trial and subsequently purchase of the new Ekstra Kaw range amongst the mass Malay household, which represents over 65% of the total Malaysian population. The campaign, which was crafted based on a clever play on the word ‘Kaw’, a local slang to describe the thickness of hot drinks, with its synonym ‘kau’ which means ‘you’, is meant to garner attention and resonate with the Malay audience.

Lipton ‘Hanya Kaw Untukku’ (Only You for Me) needed to be a rich tea and love rich campaign that stirs up emotional heartstrings of husband and wife relationships at home.


Mindshare partnered with the most anticipated drama “Menanti Februari” on TV3, primetime, casted the popular celebrities Zul Ariffin and Fathia Latiff as the main on-set couple. By bringing Lipton as the main sponsor, allowing the brand to tap into the network’s largest Malay audience base and Lipton to own the timebelt with premium ad placements and openings & closings. To bring alive the “hanya kaw untukku” campaign, Lipton leveraged on the three main drama casts to create two Lipton commercials, acting as mini-extensions of the drama story. Making it a juicy story extension that captures the sweetest family moments that audiences can’t have enough of.

These branded capsules became a strong content asset securing TV spot buys for the year and these assets adapted to social media (YouTube video and Facebook GIFs) to drive further reach and talkability; glorified on newspaper ads to reinforce awareness; updated live as social posts by the two celebrities and TV3.

A joint press conference in line with the drama’s launch with the presence of celebrities conducted. A Contest that ran across MPTN social media channels, where participants were asked to share their most creative ‘Hanya Kaw Untukku Moments’.

In Phase 2, While the drama had just ended in early-May, the campaign did not stop there. Tapping into Ramadan, the campaign reinforced that breaking fast won’t be complete without Lipton Kaw’s stronger tea. Leveraging on the audience’s lingering sentiments to the drama, Lipton brought back the drama’s family to be featured in a TV commercial.

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The campaign resulted in strong business results for the Ekstra Kaw range with highest ever market share since campaign launched in March.

• Lipton Potbag shares increased +300bps at +12.4% growth (YTD Jun 2016 vs YTD Jun 2017).

• This helped to elevate total Lipton brand shares, which increased +140bps at +3.9% growth, (YTD Jun 2016 vs YTD Jun 2017). Mastering four months of consecutive highest market shares, solidifying its path to close the gap and overtake BOH as market leader.

• And for the first time, Lipton has transformed the category landscape, leading Pot bags growth overtook packet tea segment since May 2017. Pot bag segment +190bps at +6.7% YTD June 2017, led by Lipton Potbag.

• Lipton Potbag has gained new Potbag users, Brand penetration increased +140bps (MAT Jan 2017 vs MAT May 2017), while BOH Packet Tea and its Potbag continues to lose penetration.

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