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The See Through Toilet

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Today’s young generation has often been called ‘selfish,’ ‘me-oriented’ and very ambitious. Public service advertising is often ignored if it does not concern them. In some cases, it results in a ‘like’ or ‘share’ on social media.

Parties, concerts, shopping, movies, holidaying is what’s on their mind. Social issues are gaining importance but only when it directly concerns them. Conditions of the roads, safety of women, increase in prices is what they will get involved in as it has an implication on their life

Open defecation is not something that concerns them, even if they see it happen every time they pass a slum or see the homeless outside a railway station.

“I cried and cried for a new pair of shoes, till I saw a boy with no feet”

One cannot feel anyone else’s pain till they experience it for themselves in some way.

That’s the insight Mindshare choose to leverage while building its solution for Hindustan Unilever.


The Global Citizen India Festival is an annual music festival, organised by the Global Poverty Project. It uses pop culture as a backdrop for spreading socially relevant messages so that the youth sit up and take notice.

At this venue, SASB created a SEE THROUGH TOILET. The attendees were urged to use the toilet and FEEL the shame of open defecation.

The toilet was made in such a way that the person using it could see what was happening outside but no one could outside could see inside.



A phased activity strategy was deployed. First, at a high footfall shopping mall in Mumbai’s The SEE THROUGH TOILET was installed. The installation garnered so much buzz that popular radio jockeys visited the installation and reported about it - LIVE! Major TV news channels covered the initiative and people’s reactions. The activity got picked up on Twitter and trended at no1 spot the whole day.

The next phase was at the GCI festival large footfall event with 70,000 people on at one location, where ‘the loo-with-a-view’ saw Bollywood celebrities, social influencers, eminent dignitaries and many more come forward and not only experience the installation but also pledge their support for the cause.

Digital Video:

The agency captured the feelings and emotions on camera and converted it into a digital video. It was amazing to see how people reacted to this ‘experiment.’ This was the jolt, they needed, to pledge support for this cause.

The following statistics on digital video viewing clearly indicates that it should form an integral part of the plan:
• Over eight billion videos watched per month
• 1.3 million paid video subscribers 
• 80%+ YOY growth of online videos
• 85 million people on YouTube every month (Source: YouTube)
• The video was aired on social media platforms to give the campaign its much needed reach.


• The campaign reached 14 million+ people

• Activity India trended on Twitter for a total of 16 hours, 10 hours at No.1 reached 9.7 million with over 95 million impressions

• Strength of association with the brand increased to 78%

• 35% consumers pledged support and appreciated the effort.

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Brand Owner:
Hindustan Unilever
November - December 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs shortlisted

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