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Build Australia

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LEGO products are Australia’s highest selling toys, fuelled by a global marketing machine that delivers best-practice consumer engagement resulting in unrivalled brand love. 

Despite this, research showed an opportunity to further enhance connection to the LEGO brand through localisation, as the majority of LEGO content shown has traditionally been Northern Hemisphere focused (e.g. Winter Xmas).

With a modest budget, and ambitious goal, this needed to be more than just a retail push of the LEGO Architecture Sydney Skyline.

Previous campaigns proved getting bricks-in-hands amongst fans was critical to cutting through, as on average this drives a 4x increase in campaign engagement, and 2.5x increase in overall reach due to social sharing.

But it didn’t want thousands of Harbour Bridge creations, after all it wanted people to buy its new set to make that!

The agency analysed historic brand campaigns and held qualitative interviews to identify the number one factor that fuels local pride; and found its specificity. The more unique, lesser known and novel a reference is, the more local that campaign felt.

…and when it comes to architecture, Australia has some of the most unique icons in the world, from the Big Banana, to Luna Park, and even the house from The Castle!

This led to UM’s insight: Sydney’s Skyline is Australia’s most famous icon, but there’s thousands more that aren’t as well known. Uncovering these is what drives true authenticity and local appeal.


Based on these insights, the strategy was simple: Fuel local pride with LEGO by inspiring Aussies to harness the endless creative potential of LEGO to build and share their favourite Aussie icons with the world.

Introducing… Build Australia.

A nationwide social competition designed to surface Australia’s most unique icons to accompany the new Sydney Skyline set. Through owned media, PR, social, and influencer activity UM provided the necessary inspiration, instructions, and rewards to rally a nation to immortalise their local icons by building them out of LEGO.

This campaign was brought to life via three key strategic pillars:

- RALLY the nation by announcing the competition and by creating instructional content featuring Aussie icon builds from its certified Master Builders.

- SHARE fan submissions to keep motivation high, with a particular focus on celebrating the more unique and novel icon builds. 

- REWARD those who participate with the chance to win the ultimate LEGO prize.


RALLY: It started with LEGO’s own social channel LEGO Life, putting the challenge out to its biggest fans to share their LEGO re-creations of Aussie icons. Broadening the campaign the agency leveraged the rising micro-how-to content trend, popularised by Buzzfeed Tasty; getting LEGO’s certified Master Builder to create eight stop motion build instructions of Aussie Icons from Parliament House to Flinders St Station – amassing over one million views. Alongside this UM ensured people were adding the ultimate icon to their collection, through targeted Sydney Skyline retail ads.

SHARE: To facilitate shares and help families build their icons it created a custom hub on the website, featuring instructional videos, a showcase of submitted builds, and detailed information on the LEGO Sydney Skyline set. As submissions came in, these were shared with the world, surfacing the most unique and shareworthy builds – such as Adelaide Oval and the Big Prawn, via creative formats such as Facebook carousels. UM then fuelled the flame with PR, engaging family media (Herald Sun, Melbourne Minor etc) to celebrate builds and continue the push for the nation to get involved – resulting in over 62 unpaid items of editorial coverage.

REWARD: Throughout the campaign LEGO awarded awesome builds with Sydney Skyline sets, and one major winner, Daveen Ma, the ultimate prize: a trip to Melbourne to help open its newest Aussie icon – the LEGO Discovery Centre – where her build of an iconic Aussie BBQ was put on display for others to see.


With a budget of $100k, and only three weeks in market, the results for this campaign were astounding. Not only did it exceed sales of skyline set by 14%, but increased sales of the entire LEGO architecture portfolio by 101% vs 2016.

- Over 8.3 million Aussies reached.

- 20.36 engagement score, more than three times industry standard.

- 62 pieces of unpaid editorial coverage, with a 92.31% PR impact score.

- 500+ builds shared (in just a three-week campaign).

Better yet, the results can be 100% attributed to the campaign with no increase in retailer promotion activity YoY, the set itself not being on sale in 2016, a 5% increase in competitor post-Christmas activity YoY and no other LEGO brand activity in market to drive a halo.

By getting families to build their local icons, this campaign established a local voice for LEGO that it can leverage for years to come.  

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Lego Group
January - January 2017
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