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Carlsberg’s Probably the Best Taxi Experience

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Young Adults aged 25-44 in Hong Kong, mainly men, felt Carlsberg was an old-fashioned beer that lacked surprises; it needed to rebuild the relevance. They love enjoying beer, whether it’s drinking with friends or having a pint alone. While they formed a great potential pool for Carlsberg, they didn’t think Carlsberg was a brand for them. Therefore, it needed to find a witty and fun way to rejuvenate the brand and reconnect with them.


Turning “Probably the best…” brand promise into an experience. 

Probably the best beer in the world has been Carlsberg’s brand promise. It encapsulated everything Carlsberg represented: quality, strive for the best. The agency knew from day one it wasn't about evolving this brand promise but finding ways and communicating it in a way that was relevant to consumers of the present days. With social media liberated consumers’ voices, it was about making the brand promise buzz-worthy.

How? By turning ‘probably the best’… to an experience!

Turning an everyday grudge to a “probably the best experience”.

The agency started with a daily life hassle that everyone had experience in - namely taxi rides. When it was late at night or started to rain, hailing a taxi was close to impossible; not to mention the inflated fare, or “unexpected route”.

This gave an opportunity to create and uplift an experience that was “probably the best taxi ride in the world”, which started with a control dashboard for passengers. You can pick your service according to your mood, or even opted for an unexpected surprise!

Social media as the main territory: There are lots of threads in social media attached to a group of young adults complaining about the service of Hong Kong Taxis. To further close the gap with the young adults, the agency picked their default choice of medium - Facebook & Instagram as its main battlefield. The campaign was all about creating content that was buzz worthy for them and let them feel like being part of it.

So, it was almost like Carlsberg was offering you to hail a taxi in social media!


There were three stages of Carlsberg’s taxi campaign:

Stage 1: Show you the Ride - A video that showcased how Carlsberg created the Best Taxi Ride for people at a busy night was released on social media, creating curiosity and desire from fans for such a taxi ride!

Stage 2: Hail your Ride - It then opened the taxi for hailing on the Carlsberg FB page. Fans with the most creative taxi service suggestions won chances of getting into the Taxi.

Stage 3: “The Ride” – The agency then surprised fans with an unexpected taxi ride, as relevant celebrities or KOLs jumped into the taxi to serve fans according to their mood. Each taxi ride turned out to be a buzz worthy content for social spreading, so it released all the different videos to make the Carlsberg taxi ride become a talk of the town.

1: Personal training by boxing champion Rex Tso ranked world’s top 10 by the WBA, WBC, IBF & WBO
2: Personal styling service
3: Hong Kong local food with beer
4: Party fun!


Carlsberg Taxi became talk of the time once it was introduced, with video views and reach growing exponentially in no time. The series of buzz-worthy videos took 733k+ views in just four weeks, reaching over three million people with over 80% being the target audience.

The buzz created benefited the brand’s media cost on social with CPM/CPC recorded on Facebook down by 40%, its lowest ever.

The campaign also successfully reconnected with fans, as post-campaign research found that consumer’s ‘brand consideration’ and past three-month consumption went up. The relevance of Carlsberg among the younger generation was rebuilt; “For someone like me” increased by 48% after the campaign whilst “Carlsberg is a brand that is setting trends” increased by 27%.

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