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Coke Glee Movies Partnership

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Coca-Cola offers its consumers the refreshing fizz whenever they are thirsty. And once the thirst is quenched, the fun starts to follow as everyone feels uplifted and refreshed. For every first-time drinker, that feeling is unique and quite memorable. Over time, as consumers get too used to the product, the emotional connection dies down.

How could Coca-Cola revive that first-time experience, make it memorable and relevant to today’s young consumers? Let’s first start with the question ’what excites them?’ Through research, MediaCom found that teens have quite a few things to look forward to: summer vacations, friends’ birthday parties, upcoming Taylor Swift’s concerts, Vietnam’s remake of Glee, etc. Those entertainment platforms give teens both the true experience and the surprise factor that certainly anticipate their excitement. “I don’t know how it will turn out to be, but I can’t wait to see the Vietnamese version!!” – said a loyal Glee fan.

With that in mind, the agency still needed to identify a unique way to deliver ‘excitement’ and ‘surprise’ to its teen consumers through Coca-Cola.


An average teenager in Vietnam spends nearly 60% of his time of the year on schoolwork, including extra private tuition. That makes the windows for any brand to target teen consumers smaller. Summer has been the strategic season not only for Coca-Cola, but also for its competitors, and other brands from other categories. It would make no sense to put media investment in the seasons where teens are deemed occupied. But summer comes every year. The ‘advertising attacks’ from teen brands have started to become an annual routine that brings no surprise for these consumers.

MediaCom needed to find a new occasion to engage with them, to get around their anticipation and to deliver surprise and refreshment in the most authentic way.

Coca-Cola’s partnership with BHD Studio and FOX 20th Century Television, who own and produce the Glee’s Vietnamese remake, gave a unique leverage. Glee Vietnam, which follows the American musical television series, was set to touch hearts of more than 15 million teen viewers. It was made exclusive to launch on Vietnam’s largest digital television networks such as ZingTV, Danet TV and FPT Play.

With many rising teen stars featured in the series, such as Rocker Nguyen & Angela Phuong Trinh, the agency helped Coca-Cola to develop and own a platform that gives its target consumers an immensely rich experience into the colourful and exciting world of Glee. The brand presence was naturally integrated throughout the series, into the lifestyle of the characters and especially echoing in the music – the key component of the show.


Leveraging Glee and the music platform, it utilised a lot of relevant situations that link to the targeted consuming occasions. Glee Vietnamese version is based on the story of a group of friends from the 12-member Glee Club who deal with teenagers’ daily matters such as homework, schools, romance and friendships. All blended nicely with Coke’s spirit here and there in each of the scenes.

This is great opportunity to have such creativity and initiative approach for a branded content strategy. MediaCom took every opportunity in the show situation and even the songs of the musical movies to express Coke’s roles almost of the scenes and platforms.

The 100% digital led system allowed Glee fans to engage in-depth with the series throughout 22 digital episodes, starting for six months, starting July 2017:

- In Phase I, it immediately reached millions of teens in 22 webisodes with Coke’s massive exposure. Each webisode was broadcast live every Friday, 20.00 on key teen channels Zing TV, Danet, and FPT Play. Its trailers covered on other teen channels Nhaccuatui, and Zing MP3. When they turned to social networks, they were immediately connected with their Glee favourite stars on Facebook and YouTube through targeted ads;

- In Phase II, the agency used activation to stir up further the heat with ‘surprise’ Glee School Tour Attack, where the Glee Club suddenly took over a boring principal’s briefing session. They got hooked up with the ideas and helped to spread the word further on social networks.


The campaign achieved amazing ROI benefits. Significant numbers and performance achieved as below:

1. Campaign Performance:
- Media ROI: over 300%.
- High participation on Coke Face Dance Contest: 100,000 players within few weeks of launching. Coke Song ranks the No1 branded song being selected by Application users.
- Coke uplift song performed by Glee band: 12 million views (150% vs planned), 17% completion rate vs market norm, placed top five MV in the most view chart ranking by Zing MP3.
- Coke Glee ranks top 3 best billboard movies in 3 consecutive months.

2. Earned media:
a. Leveraging Glee lead talent Racheal as our Coke ambassador in all activities at no talent and royalty fee:
- Photo/video shoot and use her image with Coke message across 181 billboards, 281 LCD/Digital Frames in HCMC and Hanoi.
- Racheal participated and performed Coke Branded Song at three school activations, estimate reach nearly 10,000 students directly.
- Successfully demonstrated role of Coke through her images of the episodes. She managed the Glee team to feel positive and upliftment. The Glee team and Coke fans always feel received great supports and attachment to her.

b. Maximising Coke song presence across the earned channel:
- TV (100 free spots) 281 LCD in top cities.
- Coke Song is the only Glee song being performed in 22nd Asian Television Award Singapore in Dec 1st, 2017.

c. Earned PR: 97 PR articles with Coke presence.

d. Leveraging Glee band to spread big buzz of Coke branded content: 15 KOLs, 20 posts.

3. Business Results & Brand Metric Impact:
- Volume share: Significantly gained +3.9 points vs same period last year (Source: Nielsen).
- Volume shipment: increased +7% in vs same period last year and increased +11% vs pre-campaign.
- Among urban teens (Source: Millward Brown):
i. Brand Love Score: increased +0.18 points vs pre-campaign.
ii. Coke “for someone like me” metric: increased +6 points vs same period last year; and +4 points vs pre-campaign.
iii. Coke past 4-week consumption: increased +3 points vs pre-campaign.
iv. Coke “is an uplifting drink” metric: increased +1point vs same period last year.

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