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Purina One See the Difference

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Purina One (Cat and Dog) is the highest quality pet food brand available in NZ supermarkets. As such it must justify a significant price premium over the competition within the supermarket channel.

To drive trial, Purina One globally had created the annual one off 30 Day Challenge, designed to bring new users into the brand – essentially motivating Pet Owners to switch with a free product promoted by athletes (much like a human 30-day trial.)

Given the chance of a free bag they’ll take it. The issue was that they don’t seem to stay with the brand.

Brand Insight: By researching the brand’s history, MediaCom uncovered that by using the product over time, pet owners could expect to see six visible signs of difference in their pets.

It would bring the science behind the brand to life by way of real benefits to Premium Pet Owners.

Rather than communicate the benefits only to those who had already registered for the challenge, it would bring these forth to be at the front of the communication journey as a motivation to switch.

Consumer Insight: The agency identified an audience segment that would do anything for their pets. It called them Nourishing Searchers. Helping them deliver this care made them feel proud. This was the opportunity.

The subtle shift in communication, from taking the challenge to seeing the difference tapped into existing behaviour of premium pet owners and would be the reason they would pay for Purina One in the long term.


The agency used a moments of truth framework to bring the “see the difference” positioning to life across the consumer journey.

It shifted from running a one-off campaign to a highly connected content plan that ran through continuous cycles of recruitment throughout the year as a digital only campaign in support of in-store.

Its connected and integrated ‘system’ of touchpoints played out:

1. Stimulus: Hear about the difference – Short form content drivers using the emotional messages within key video environments where the ‘Nourishing Searcher’ is open to this type of message content - TVNZ OnDemand and Unruly. TV was added in 2017.

2. ZMOT: Demonstrate the difference – Follow the Journey video a built a narrative over time so it retargeted viewers across TVNZ OnDemand, GDN and TradeMe to ensure viewership was continued for each piece of the story.

3. FMOT: Reinforce the difference – with a focus on the in-store environment it re-informed at shelf with fins, floor decals, coupon pads and in-store activations using Vet Nurses as well as digital banners on GDN that directed people to the Purina ONE website to sign up and download a coupon.

4. SMOT: Share the difference – a heavy push on its Facebook page showcasing the videos and directing people to sign up and find out more.

The Emotive videos were promoted out to Animal Lover audience segments across Unruly, YouTube, TVNZ OnDemand and Facebook to tell the story. The agency then retargeted those who had seen the content with incentive banners to close the loop.


The category all looked the same with everyone’s pet looking perfect and healthy, so MediaCom needed to do it differently - it needed to demonstrate the difference Purina One made, so it brought a high degree of realism to the communication, that way it could legitimately convey the ‘difference’ in an attention deficit world.

It credibly demonstrated the Six Signs of health through a mix of branded content and advertising.

The agency’s central piece of work was video content that demonstrated the difference with a strong emotional storyline that makes for compelling and engaging content series. Each individual piece (approx. 2-3 mins) exploring the journey of one animal and the differences that Purina One is making to them, over time as witnessed by the viewer, the public and endorsed much loved NZ Vet Dr Alex Melrose highlighting the changes through the eyes of the pet owner.

It selected real yet well-known cats and dogs so that the public would be already engaged with following their transformation including a SPCA rescue cat and dog. If it could transform them, it could transform your pet at home!

Over the course of 21 days, the visible changes took place in real pet environments: a bookstore in Mt Eden, the SPCA and a well-known local ambassador in a public park.

Each story was told through five episodes showcasing a focus on key health and wellness improvements demonstrated through each episode. Designed to connect through emotional narrative to capture interest and then drive to long format content.


The campaign exceeded campaign goals and achieved a significant ROI.

The content produced for this campaign received above market viewability and engagement norms:

• Total Digital Video: 37, 547,000 impressions were delivered with 27-34% viewing the entire ad
• For Facebook specifically, the campaign delivered a total reach of 1,026,280 and an engagement rate of 12.9%, versus the industry average of 2%
• The top post was episode 3 Meet Al which had 40% engagement
• On YouTube the view through rate was 25.74% despite the 2-min length.

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Brand Owner:
Pet Care
New Zealand
September - December 2016
Media Channel:
Branded Content,Digital,Integrated,Retail/POS
  • FMAs shortlisted

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