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Vicks #TouchOfCare

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In India, family and family ties are a very strong element of Indian culture.

However, in the age of ever increasing individualism, urbanisation, social media and rise of nuclear family, the real essence of the family has shifted. The family is increasingly being defined by “Who cares for you, and who you care for.” 

It is no longer about shared last name, living together or genetics. The consumer insight was that earlier “Family defined Care” but now “Care defines Family”.  Simply put - anyone you care for is your family.


Vicks believes that every human being deserves the care of family, even if they are not lucky enough to have a family.

So, Vicks brought to life the Real Story of Gauri Sawant in a three minute video. Gauri does not fit any “traditional” definition – she is a transgender woman of little means, who is fighting for her own rights and yet loves and cares for Gayatri - who is an orphan, as only a mother can.

Vicks wanted to provoke young Indians to appreciate those who provide the “touch of care” in other’s lives and do the same themselves, thereby spreading the #TouchOfCare.

MediaCom’s paid media targeting for this message was young urban adults who were building their own circle of care as they lived in nuclear families, often away from their own parents and blood relatives. 


The agency collaborated with 70+ major national and international print and digital publications, news channels and regional general entertainment shows to amplify the campaign and help the message reach the masses.

MediaCom collaborated with UNRULY to maximise the virality on social media platforms. It utilised Unruly’s Sharerank, an algorithmic tool based on Panel research & Facial Coding, which created a custom audience basis the emotional quotient/profile and targeted those who would be more receptive to the message and would share it further.

It worked closely with the Facebook Insight team and created a cluster of audience using the key words like Care, Family, motherhood, Social cause, parenting etc. to create the audience cluster and pushed the video to the people who would be highly receptive.

It also collaborated with 200+ social influencers and bloggers like Aporva Sood, Abhishek Asthana, Sudipta Chakravarty etc to share the video on their Twitter page to reach out to their fans.


The campaign reached out to 31 million+ audience across the globe.

- For every paid video view on Facebook it drove three organic views, driving down the CPV to USD 0.0006$.
- TOMA grown by 8 %.
- Business grew by 130 Index.
- 22% of total viewers reacted to the video with “Love”, which was 10x more than Facebook average.

- The video started trending within hours of uploading, and Indian Celebrities from various fields of Bollywood and cricket, like Virat Kohli, Karan Johar, Vidya Balan, Anupam Kher, and host of influential people started sharing the video on their timelines driving 72 million+ impressions.

- Soon enough the #TouchOfCare campaign started going viral and the consumers responded by the millions and pledged their support. The comments online were full of support, both for the protagonist of the story and the brand who told their story in a way only a Modern Cultural Icon can.

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March - April 2017
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