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In the past few years Vodafone has been awarded 'Best Telecom Network in Germany' more than any other competitor and it's an important component of their brand communication. Vodafone aimed to prove this in an engaging way and position itself as the technological leader in telecommunication with the fastest mobile network experience.

Vodafone identified that the heavy users of digital technologies strive for the fastest mobile internet experience, are curious about new technologies and are enthusiastic about technology that is combined with the fun factor.

Vodafone wanted to visualise their fast network beyond the typical creative speed conversions seen in thousand of campaigns. They created a campaign around the digital symbol of slow data transmission, the buffering symbol, and invented antiheroes, the buffer monsters, which are virtual creatures representing situations which slow down our digital life.

Using a location based augmented reality app for iPhone and Android, users were enabled to spot and catch buffer monsters, trap them in a virtual tank on their smartphone and when fifty buffer monsters were collected users could dump them at any Vodafone store in Germany or a dedicated micro-site via a QR code mechanic.  Every player earned credits and collectable badges which they could share in their social media communities.

The players were rewarded with the chance to win lifetime plans and price discounts at Vodafone. The game was promoted via mobile and online ads on relevant sites, platforms and apps, supported with guerilla marketing in major cities and activations at Europe's gaming fair, Gamescom.


35,000 apps were downloaded.

18,000 buffer busters played the game. 

570,000 buffer monsters were trapped.  

1,260,000 posting impressions in social media networks were generated

50% of all buffer monsters were dumped in-store.

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August - September 2011
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