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Chivas consideration

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Chivas Regal is a premium Scotch whisky blend, with 4.5 million cases sold yearly in 150 countries, Chivas is not only global it also has high awareness. Chivas is often perceived as ‘my dad’s drink’ or a great gift. Chivas wanted to rejuvenate the image of its 12-year-old whisky blend and boost brand consideration among 28-40 year old men

The campaign objective was to demonstrate that Chivas 12 has a rightful place at the table of ‘Modern Gentlemen’. ‘Modern Gentlemen’ believe their careers and material success are vitally important, however, their busy lives often make it difficult for them to gather with friends, creating a longing for face-to-face brotherly bonding. But when they do, it’s inherently a special occasion.

The brand called this new drinking occasion ‘The Brotherhood Sessions’. These are nights when ‘Modern Gentlemen’ come together with their best friends around the table to tell and re-tell the anecdotes that built their friendship. The brand recognised its role at these sessions was to honour close friendship, an insight which fuelled the campaign - ‘Here’s to Real Friends’ which celebrates the friendship stories of four Chivas guys.

‘Here’s to Real Friends’ tells the story of four guys whose wild, entertaining, shared experiences have made their friendship solid. The two short films are inspired by the rich reserve of tales which are told and retold again among close friends.

With real friendship at the heart of the campaign, it was important the characters and their relationships felt genuine. This was achieved by extensive casting out of London and LA. The artists were not only selected based on their individual performances but by the group dynamics they created. The writers were involved at every stage of the process enabling fluid dialogue and story editing. Short film Academy Award winner Joachim Back was brought in to direct the talent and ensure a rich, engaging atmosphere.


Less than 3 months from launch, Google searches for “Chivas Regal” have grown by 886%, outperforming the growth of alcohol beverages category average and, for the first time, growth in searches for “Johnnie Walker”.

Traffic to has grown by 510%.

On launch, the extended trailer was ranked as one of the most viewed within the YouTube entertainment category. With a total of 1,655,610 (08/01/12), views of the films and trailers are among the top 0.4% of YouTube videos.

‘Twinkle’ and ‘Big Bear’ have higher audience retention rates than online video standards when watched on On YouTube, the short films outperform others of a similar length in terms of engagement.

The campaign is driving positive interactions - likes, comments and shares -  performing at a slightly higher Facebook engagement rate (0.17%) than benchmarks (0.16%). The global Facebook fanbase has increased by 25% since launch, including growth within our target audience.


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Chivas Regal
Drinks (alcoholic)
United Kingdom
October - December 2011
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