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Jadidha & Actionha

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Insight indicated that communication absence caused damage across two major fronts:

1) Previous Nissan consumers were suddenly abandoned
2) A large component of the Saudi population consists of youth under the age of 25. This demographic had minimal exposure to the brand - Nissan was nowhere near their consideration mindset.

Mindshare MENA's challenge showed that it was evident that they needed to speak to two completely different demographics. The agency needed to re-new the bond with the 'disenchanted loyalists' who had been abandoned for the last 6 years, and also had the challenge to create a bond with the 'disconnected youth' who’d had minimum to no exposure to the brand.

Mindshare MENA needed to engage both diverse audiences with a tailor made experience that would connect them back to the brand.


The 'disenchanted loyalists' were not going to be satisfied by a re-launch campaign stating that the brand was back.
The 'disconnected youth' in parallel were not going to be captivated by the same experience that would be devised to target the former group.

As part of their communications strategy, Mindshare MENA developed an entertainment marketing campaign for a multi-touchpoint brand experience with both of the audience groups.

The media campaign idea was: Bring it back!

The 'Bring it back' platform and idea was executed through two unique brand events: Jadidha & Actionha.

Jadidha, which means 'renew it', was a ‘nationwide Nissan hunt’ for the disenchanted loyalists to bring back their old Nissans for a chance to win a brand new one.

As for the dismissed youth, Mindshare MENA brought them Actionha, which means action it: a series of large on-ground activations which contained music, car drifting and general entertainment for Saudi Youth.


1. Jadidha: Amending the bond with the disenchanted loyalist

Mindshare MENA called out to the public to start a ‘nationwide hunt’ with them. Every week the agency would give away a brand new Nissan to the person who brought forth the oldest model and told them their story.

The agency then broadcasted the ‘nationwide hunt’ and made sure that everyone knew about the story of Nissan searching for their heritage. The show featured each winning Nissan owner as they described their most memorable and touching moment they had with their car.

A memorable brand experience: Jadidha enabled the disenchanted loyalists to go through a full Nissan journey.

2. Actionha: Building affinity with the dismissed youth

Mindshare MENA had gained the attention of the existing consumers, but they still needed to attract the youths.

The agency needed to give them something that grabbed their attention and resonated with them; they are young and they are not familiar with Nissan.
To excite them about the return of Nissan, Mindshare MENA decided to bring back something that they loved and missed: Actionha, which had been shut down for a number of years, offered a perfect opportunity for Nissan to revamp it and bring it back.

A long term brand experience: To establish a long term bond, Mindhsare MENA made sure that Actionha was not a one-off event. Their partnership with MBC aired a series of the event across multiple cities. Every 3 months, an Actionha experience took place engaging more than 10,000 young attendees, documented and broadcasted on MBC channels.


• Awareness reached 82% among Saudi youths and 92% among older customers

• Engagement reached 80,000 actionha visitors over 3 days and 95% of the target audience through the partnership with the MBC network.

• Favorability for the brand jumped by 28% - the highest jump ever in one shot - and purchase consideration in parallel reached a high 67%

• Mindshare MENA were also able to achieve a 7% market share after only 6 months of operation.

More importantly than all the quantifiable results, through this campaign Mindshare MENA managed to take a brand that was becoming a memory and turn it into a memorable brand experience.

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Saudi Arabia
March - May 2014
Mindshare MENA
Media Channel:
  • FMAs shortlisted

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