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Unilever Eskinol Face the Day

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Teenhood's biggest issue is the stress of being a teen. Pressure mounts when you are thrust in to the most intense situation of your life. To take that pressure off, teens go online to relieve them from stress. This is another barrier for brands as teens hardly watch traditional media, and with fleeting attention spans they automatically tune out to hard-sell messages.

Educating them about Eskinol’s pimple-fighting properties was doubly hard. Therefore, selecting the right channel and crafting the right message was critical to these hard-to-please teens.

To get over these barriers, Eskinol found a brilliant and effective way to connect its message to its teen audience by positioning (or disguising) itself as the solution/antidote–brand as entertainment.


Teens are always pre-occupied, so to get their attention agency Lowe found a fresh space to be a part of the teenager’s stories today. Through entertainment Eskinol found a way to talk to teens about the brand functionalities.

Eskinol partnered with Wattpad, the world’s largest e-book community, with a following of four million Filipino users, largely teens.

The simple idea: An e-book about teen life and problems... including pimples! Tapping a local Wattpad sensation Denny, the author of Diary ng Panget (Diary of an Ugly Girl) it created the first-ever branded co-created Wattpad campaign in the world: Eskinol Face the Day.


Eskinol Face the Day is a nine-chapter e-book that follows the life of Patricia in journey of finding confidence, friends, and love. She experiences the stresses of teen life (pimples included!), and learns that with the help of friends (and Eskinol), she can get the confidence to make true love happen. In less than a month, it had 150,000 teens actively sharing how they can relate to the character and how Eskinol can help with their dilemmas too.

To maximise reach, the agency created a three-part web-novela in YouTube, becoming an instant hit with 2.5 million teens eagerly awaiting each episode weekly.


Eskinol Face the Day story on Wattpad generated approximately 143,093 reads, with thousands of comments showing how much they’ve loved the story and the brand. The three-part web episode generated approx. 20 million impressions and 2.5 million views on YouTube, with an organic reach double the industry average. In Facebook, it was able to reach a total of 5.3 million teens, with a high CTR of 5% vs benchmark at 0.3%.

Together with the on ground and ATL Linis Kinis campaign, the agency was able to turnaround the brand from a -6% sales decline in 2013 to a double-digit sales growth YTD of 14%. From a deep cleansers share of 40% in 2013, Eskinol is now at its highest share at 44%. With the clear brand role in the whole campaign, Eskinol’s brand saliency experienced a significant uplift and Eskinol is now owning the MWA on ‘clear acne and pimple effectively’.

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Brand Owner:
October - December 2014
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