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It's a great time to be a family

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In an increasingly individualistic world the meaning of family assumes importance, more so in the case of India where a pressure of modernisation is splitting joint families into smaller families. However, the advantage of a deep rooted social bonding makes Indians still come back to their roots.

Microsoft wanted Windows technology to play a pivotal role in the incidences of families coming together. The objective was to position Microsoft's Windows technology as the ideal platform that helps bring families closer to each other in their daily humdrum.

Microsoft wanted to create positive associations for its products, Windows 7 PC, Windows Phone, X-box and MS Office, in moments of family celebrations and get-togethers.

Through consumer insights Microsoft found that Indians retain their traditions while adopting modernity, they want to be defined through the eyes of the family, they understand the need for family togetherness and respect family occasions as a mechanism to bond.

Using this insight the campaign aimed to bring alive the promise of 'It's a great time to be a family' and highlight the role of Microsoft and its technology in making family moments better. Microsoft created a series which showcased the Windows suite of products engaging and bringing families together across various media platforms.

The campaign involved an association with Cricket, movies, and soaps. An exclusive Diwali programme was created on Indian TV channel, Star Plus, integrating Microsoft Windows 7 products in moments of celebration. Alongside this every time the family switched on their TV, the Windows 7 opening screen with tune would pop up live on their screens as a virtual Windows experience. Star Movies created "Windows Chill out Nights" across four key cities coinciding with blockbuster movies on-air.

The campaign also saw two special initiatives drive families to come together for Windows 7 experiences. Microsoft created a partnership with Don 2, a multi generation film, and Microsoft Windows products gave families an opportunity to enter into a contest for a meet and greet with the star of the film, Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan (aka Don) and travel together to his den in Berlin.

A competition aimed at children was also launched. The "Toon Your Family" contest saw kids find a resemblance between their family members and their favourite cartoon characters. They showcased this using Windows 7 in an attempt to be the champion family and be shown on Cartoon Network.



92% of the target audience was reached. 13.5 million individuals.

2000+ GRPs (gross rating points) generated throughout the TV campaign (10 weeks).

2.5 million families engaged in unique Windows 7 initiatives.

Active participation through experiences created via partnerships like The Star Movies "Windows Chill out Nights", Cartoon Network "Toon Your Family" competition and Don 2 associations resulted in over 20,000 valid entries from families from these associations.

The first post campaign research shows that this campaign has managed to impact perception scores about owning Windows products bring the ingredient brand upfront. The increase is a massive 10 points as compared to the baseline study - the highest across the world.

The Microsoft Windows PC business grew by 45% YoY (OND10 Vs OND11) while IDC (technology research firm) projected the market growth of less than 10% YoY during this period.

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