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The Oreo Eclipse

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British biscuits (cookies) are boring. It's a category traditionally dominated by beige products that are eaten by grey people. As a product, and as a brand, Oreo couldn't be more different.

As a relative newcomer to the UK biscuit category, Oreo's ultimate goal is to move the brand further into the centre of UK culture in the way it has in other countries.

To help achieve this, PHD needed to do something that was, at once, both quintessentially British AND in keeping with Oreo's fun, playful brand positioning.

The agency looked to the skies for inspiration. And found it right in front of them.


Suspecting that the notorious British weather would probably spoil the biggest solar eclipse the UK had seen for 16 years, the agency created its own Oreo Eclipse to guarantee every Brit could enjoy it. 

With the ultimate goal of moving Oreo further into the centre of UK culture, the eclipse was a perfect moment. Brits would be collectively looking in the same direction at the same time, and while they were – PHD would put Oreo in full view. 

PHD knew that the eclipse would see other brands settle for opportunistic social media stunts. To make an impact on the consciousness of the UK, the Oreo Eclipse couldn’t be that. It needed to be an unmissable event that permeated conversations across that day and was executed at scale. 

So that's exactly what PHD created.


#OreoEclipse began with real-time digital outdoor sites which re-created the eclipse using Oreos.

Royal Astronomical Society data enabled the agency to create digital screens which mirrored the exact timings and trajectory of the eclipse happening in the sky above each site.

This wasn't a straight-forward undertaking as the start and end times of the eclipse were different across the UK, so each site required its own data in order to pinpoint the eclipse’s movement in its specific location. 

The full cycle of the #OreoEclipse in each site was then captured on time lapse video, which it stealthily edited into 10sec films for distribution on social media WITHIN AN HOUR of the eclipse’s completion - giving the campaign a new life on a very different kind of screen.

Finally, all of this was supported with activity in national press which literally eclipsed 2 million copies of The Sun by blacking out the cover of the UK's biggest selling newspaper with an Oreo. 


As suspected, the weather in most of the UK made the spectacle… well…less spectacular. 

That meant that - for the majority of the UK - the Oreo Eclipse was the ONLY one they enjoyed that day. In fact, in just one day 20m people saw the #OreoEclipse.

By giving the UK the eclipse that Mother Nature denied them, it drove vital product trial and made Oreo the star of the celestial event of the decade:

• Sales rose 59% immediately following the Oreo Eclipse
• Helping make March 2015 Oreo’s biggest ever sales month in the UK.

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Brand Owner:
Mondelez (formerly Kraft Foods)
United Kingdom
March - March 2015
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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