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You Are The Master

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The Dacia Dokker had to regain all of the Renault Kangoo’s lost market share, but faced stark competition from its competitors. Whilst the Dokker was the most affordable choice, the brand was an undesirable choice. Suffering from its mothers image, the Dacia was seen as a last resort for consumers with minimal budget.

OMD had to switch the Dacia Dokker’s image from a low cost utilitarian for workers, to an empowering car for proud and successful SME owners, professionals and craftsmen.

It knew the typical Dacia customer was perceived as rational, with a low income and after a vehicle for everyday family use. Most are highly responsible parents who are working furiously to offer their families a better life. Often self-educated, they started as employees and worked their way up before launching their own small business, a real achievement in society.

Yet these professionals and craftsmen don’t feel valued by society for their hard work. They are in need for recognition.


Professionals and craftsmen are tirelessly working to offer their children a brighter future and status in the society. Yet deep inside, they would love to see their children inherit the family business. Feeling valued and being recognised therefore is not just something they wish from society, but from their children too.

OMD decided to build on this sentiment and disrupt the category, addressing the need for recognition. “You are the master” was born - a tribute to the hard workers, perfectionists and business owners who aren’t sufficiently valued.

First it launched an awareness campaign with a simple message, children are proud of their parents. Think, kids dressing as professionals such as plumber and mason. Due to an incredibly positive response, with a 10pt jump in market share, the agency evolved the campaign further including TV, Outdoor, Radio and on-ground activities.

It focused its efforts on reaching craftsmen across Morocco, the prime target audience. The campaign: "You are the Master– Rak Maallem" has a double meaning in Arabic. “You master your art” and “You are the chief”. The evolution of the campaign led to another 8pts market share increase.

The next step was to launch a nationwide contest which celebrates unsung local heroes. A jury elected the best piece of craftsmanship and the winner was granted a nationwide campaign promoting his business including TV, Radio, and Outdoor. The message was simple: Be a Master and show your work to the Nation.

As it wanted to capture the winner's emotions, the brand surprised him by announcing his win with the presentation of his own business billboard. Upon seeing his advert, he was overcome with emotion, which was shared with those around him.


As this audience is always on the go, radio and on-ground activations were key to promoting the contest.

Willing to reach a relevant audience quickly, OMD used radio allowing a high penetration amongst the target audience. All communication was designed to build the Dacia Dokker’s brand image, building its association with craftsmanship and celebrating Morocco’s workforce.  

Proximity and empathy were a must. In the south of the country, it broadcasted the radio spot in the local dialect of Amazigh, instead of the common Moroccan Arabic. This demonstrated understanding of the need to belong to local culture and identity. Using this language was another way to demonstrate recognition of their status, and of who they are.

To ensure participation to the contest, the agency had teams distributing flyers directly to craftsmen in souks (local markets) across Morocco. It also pushed the campaign across social media channels in order to appeal to the audience’s children and encourage them to show their pride in their parents and involve them in the contest. Again, teams were trained to address craftsmen in Amazigh in the Berber regions.

As it wanted to reinforce Dacia Dokker’s commitment to craftsmanship, the second media phase was also the prize the winner won: a plurimedia campaign promoting him and his business. Through TV and OOH, it reached a wide audience, showing craftsmen merit and skills.


Before the campaign, Dacia Dokker owned 19% of the market share.

The first phase (awareness with a new communication platform) helped the nameplate win 10pts market share. The second phase helped get another 8pts market share.

After the contest and the campaign associated to promote the winning craftsman, Dacia Dokker reached 60% market share of the Ludospaces segment. The Fiat Doblo’s market share decreased and the Peugeot Bipper and Citroën Nemo were forced out of the market entirely.

Beyond the performance on this specific target, Dacia Dokker sales helped the Dacia brand maintain, and increase, its high share of the market. Likewise Groupe Renault maintained its leadership with 38.8% total market share in June 2016.

Before this campaign Dacia Dokker’s Overall Opinion and Familarity was very low, and behind the segment average. The campaign helped the Model gain 8pts in Overall Opinion, exceeding the segment average.

However not only did the campaign help Dacia, but helped Morocco’s local craftsmen feel valued. The online contest received 5,000 participants and the winner received such a spike in sales following his advert he was able to hire a new apprentice.

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