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The Mute Performance

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The aim of this campaign was for BBVA Continental to differentiate its offices to the competition. All banks have screens with hidden cameras while your attention ticket gets called, the same videos looping every 30 minutes. BBVA needed to offer something different while contributing with society. 

Since 2013, local artists have been trying to promote a law, compelling FM radios to force that at least 30% of their daily music come from local artists, for the last decades it has reached at its best moment, a 5%. They also had a petition in with over 10,000 people asking for a change, a congress woman got involved to help them and push the law but nothing happened. In the last 30 years, the same 500 songs have taken de mayor part of the local FM radios, almost all of them, international mainstream music.

Local artists have denounced that every time they approach a local radio, they don´t even receive them. It’s like they don´t exist and that was the fuel for this campaign: If no one can hear them, BBVA will give them a platform to get heard.


The strategy was that the bank would be the facilitator between local talents and the people using their owned media. The plan was to start with a pilot programme in 11 offices in Lima, the capital, then go nationwide. It would also use the mobile app, web and regular advertising campaigns as broadcasting platforms and BBVA would be the standard bearers of national music. Then it would pass its owned media borders with a movement to raise awareness of the issue with the hashtag #NoOneCanHearUs.


Mindshare started by contacting two of the most iconic national singers in Perú to be the radio curators. Then, it uninstalled the screens of 11 offices and installed speakers and stereos, where Radio BBVA uninterruptedly transmitted. Within the next six months it had 350 offices broadcasting Radio BBVA throughout the country and the mobile app with a 24-hour transmission, available not only for clients but for anyone that wanted to listen. Also, its advertising campaigns used the music of the national artists and included the name of the artist and the song.

In mid-January 2016, the agency invited some of Radio BBVA’s band to perform in Lima´s main square, the catch was that no one could hear them. They were inside a soundproof glass cube, where everyone could see them but no one could hear them. On the outside there was a poster raising the problem that 95% of the local bands are being unheard and the hashtag #NoOneCanHearUs. This quickly started a movement that brought again this issue that has been discussed for years without a solution.

The response from the people and the media generated a huge buzz over the next couple of weeks and the earned media value started to grow. One of the most important radio corporations in Perú, RPP Group, approach BBVA to address this issue together so the agency negotiated for a daily hour on Oxygen Radio, one of the most important FM Radios in Perú and in March, the brand aired its first RADIO BBVA show.


Almost $1,000,000 in earned media generated around the #NoOneCanHearUs movement and BBVA’s alliance with RPP Group. It became the only bank with a Radio Station, within its offices and owned assets to promote national talents.

The app downloads increased in 10% the month that it upgraded with the Radio BBVA function.

At the moment, more than 500 bands, from all over the country are being aired on Radio BBVA.

The 11am block on the FM that Radio BBVA is on, increased its audience by more than 15% in only a month placing it in position #3, of the most listened radio shows of Oxygen Radio, and keeps on moving up.

Festivals with only local artists are on the rise and other radios are including more national artists on their daily broadcasting.

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June 2015 - May 2016
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