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Short Films Potatoes Disappearing

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Fruco is a leading brand in the market, a position which no competitor has breached in the last 30 years. It is a brand with ownership, identification and high quality perception; however with Mayonnaise Fruco, it had a big challenge because in the category of mayonnaises, there has been a significant decrease in consumption associated with health issues, changes in feeding, fitness trends, and care, affecting consumption and frequency of this category. Additionally there is a media and government pressure in supporting the consumption of healthy foods, where mayonnaise is necessarily considered as a vital part of it. 

On the other hand, Initiative identified that 25% of the Colombian population is millennial, and that was its chance to capitalise a very attractive target not only for its size but also for the opportunity to generate higher frequency of consumption in a segment that had seen limited growth.  

Given the importance of this generation, mayonnaise Fruco understood that should generate connection and focus communication at this audience. A big challenge for the brand was that its communication for several decades had focused on housewives with a traditional tone, meaning that impacting millennials was not easy as it required a funny tone and use of a language different to what Mayonnaise Fruco had been communicating previously. 

For millennials, potatoes are the perfect snack and the perfect accompaniment to any meal; this was the chance for the brand to be even more present in their lives in a relevant and compelling way. While the healthy culture is booming, eating potatoes with mayonnaise Fruco turned out to be the indulging moment which the brand pursued in order to reach more than 60% of millennials. 


Initiative's strategy consisted of knowing and understanding this new target in detail where the greatest discovery was found that the greatest power of influence was themselves. If turned them into the mean so it could reach out organically to a very skeptical public towards traditional advertising. This stems from the consequence of consuming of social networks termed as "FOMO" (Fear of Missing Out). This mean fear of missing something that is happening in the world; especially when it comes to entertainment. They must know EVERYTHING, they must be aware in order to be relevant in their social circles. It's that feeling of seeing a notification on their smartphone and not being able to resist seeing what it is about 

That fear of being left out of a conversation and social capital lead them to become arduous consumers of POP culture. These two components inspired Initiative's strategy: Turning the same into millennials the means to generate organic influence, and POP culture as the inspiration source.  

In terms of media consumption, this target is quite difficult to reach in traditional means, besides that traditional communication is boring for them and their level of attention is very low. That is why the strategy focused on digital, because it is about a generation marked by a love of technology and information, for a life in which the internet has been a constant for most of them - more than 75% have electronic devices another reason to avoid communication in traditional media.  

However, millennials according to gender have different interests, this was another trigger for the strategy as it could create different clusters and in this manner give them many possibilities to find one with which they felt identified and make that influence be more natural, increasing the engagement, thus achieving a deeper connection with the audience. 


The implementation consisted of segmenting / grouping these millennials according to their insights, interests, habits and activities, placing each creative piece at different times of their lives through platforms that actually reach them continuously. 

The agency created specific content for each of the clusters of millennials according to previously obtained data. It developed short videos as a tribute to films recognised in pop culture, showing people how with Mayonnaise Fruco, potatoes always disappear. For example, the cluster of male millennials were hit with short videos like: Potato Rocky (Tribute to Rocky), The Empire Couter attacks (Tribute to Star Wars) or PotatoPsycho (Tribute to Psycho), whereas in the case of the cluster of female millennials, they were hit with videos like: Potatotanic (Tribute to Titanic) or Crepuspotatoe (Tribute to Twilight).  

In total, 14 videos were created for this campaign segmenting them for each cluster. Day by day, decisions were made in real time thanks to the data, understanding the behaviour and reaction of the target. 

Facebook played a major role in the strategy; it was used under the concept of reach and frequency with the video ads in sequence to achieve the desired reach, strengthening the main message "With Mayonnaise FRUCO potatoes disappear" through Carousel format with those videos that achieved the best performance during the campaign. 


• Mayonnaise Fruco passed from a share of voice from 0 to 50% in the target millennial segment within the dressings category (brand lift reported by Facebook). 

• 23% sales vs. the previous year increased. Mayonnaise Fruco never had such a high SOM over the last two years; this campaign achieved 67% and came with an average of 64.5% of SOM (Unilever data). 

• 82,790,412 total impressions, achieving 80% of the target "Millennials" (Facebook Business). 

• The cost per engagement in this campaign declined to 46% of the initial cost, dropping from $54 to $25 vs the last three months (brand lift reported by Facebook). 

• 6,584,158 videos watched (brand lift reported by Facebook). 

• The campaign achieved 26,000 interactions and 15,000 comments (brand lift reported by Facebook). 

• Brand awareness increased from 16% to 42% , according to Millward Brown Digital Brand Lift. 

• In the target, the message association with the brand jumped from 19% to 45% with the implementation of the campaign. It was equally influential in the minds of consumers (Millward Brown Digital Brand Lift). 

• 66% of the audience gave a favourable opinion of Mayonnaise Fruco, driven by young adults aged 20 to 24 (Millward Brown Digital Brand Lift).

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Brand Owner:
February - April 2016
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