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As a leader in the fast food category, McDonald’s represents the collective imagination of all that is said about it. When you talk about fast food, people think: McDonald’s.  

Preconceptions such as: low quality ingredients, lack of flavour or ‘junk food’, have been associated with the brand for a very long time already. Every negative comment about food or hamburgers impacts the McDonald’s brand.  

Creating a sandwich such as the Club House is the embodiment of the new road McDonald’s began to travel on a regional level: modernise the brand by offering better products with high quality ingredients.  

Being leaders, the brand realised that it was up to McDonald's to create these changes inside the fast food segment and that, as always, its movement would be followed by several competitors. McDonald’s created the Big Mac, the most iconic hamburger in the world and, at the same time, most copied.  

This reflection about the category and its role as leaders made McDonald's realise a simple truth: “At McDonald’s we don’t make hamburgers. At McDonald’s we create them.” (Brand insight)  

How could McDonald’s talk about quality without becoming a target for harsh criticism? Agency DPZ&T realised that for the launch to be a true success, it needed to “create” much more than a hamburger. It needed to create a new brand. Without prejudice. A new and appetizing proposal. 

The launch of Club House is about overcoming prejudice about the brand. 


The agency knew that a simple TV commercial was not enough for a novelty as big as the Club House.   

To launch a sandwich different from all the other sandwiches that McDonald’s offers today was something that needed a different sort of action from anything that had already been done by the brand.  

Despite having a distinctive product in comparison to the already known hamburgers that are offered, it had to remind the audience of the importance of the McDonald’s brand.  

DPZ&T created a multidisciplinary team to incorporate strategic and creative tools, in traditional and digital media. It decided to create a content project that had customer experience at its centre. 

The campaign used an unbranded Food Truck in the city of Sao Paulo, with very simple identification - C&H initials, personified by chefs. The greatest challenge was to generate knowledge and intrigue around this new offer. The agency needed to make the audience try the product before finding out that it was guerrilla activation created by McDonald’s. 

It created a fanpage on Facebook and a profile on Instagram for the C&H in order to communicate where the mysterious truck could be found.  

But this was not enough. 

The agency summoned the largest group of cable TV channels in Brazil, Globosat, to help generate awareness and rise curiosity about this new hamburger, in record time.   

And what better duo to certify the quality of a Food Truck than Marcio and Adolpho, from the “Food Truck, the Battle” show, a reality show where the presenters go around town in search of new proposals and flavors on wheels.  

To amplify even more its reach of the intended target, it called upon Titi Muller, the young host of “Anota Ai” show, who travels around the world in search of the best products and curiosities. 


With all the generated content the agency created four one-minute episodes working as an extension of the channel’s regular programming, generating mystery and summoning the public to try the new gourmet creation that was taking the streets over. With the established partnership alongside Globosat, it aired them on 11 channels, reaching people with different interests.  

The three presenters generated conversation through their own social networks.  

With the objective of increasing curiosity and desire around the product DPZ&T invited digital influencers to try out C&H and share their opinion using hashtag: #PrazerEmCriar (pleasure of creating). This way, all the pieces of the puzzle came together into one single campaign around the concept of “creation”.  

On the last weekend of the teaser action, C&H was placed at a gastronomical event in Sao Paulo where, ambassadors Marcio, Adolpho and Titi revealed the mystery, uncovering McDonald’s logo printed on the Food Truck in front of dozens of people.   

Mission accomplished! The news quickly spread through social media. 

For the first time in Brazil, McDonald’s sold a hamburger outside its restaurants. At the same time, the agency managed to get people to try McDonald’s as if were their first time.  

Food Truck’s last trip was the entrance in front one of the busiest McDonald’s restaurants. The message was quite clear: from that moment on, the C&H sandwich would only be available at McDonald’s.  

At the same day it launched a TV spot that focused on the ingredients, amplifying to an even greater scale the most recent “creation” of McDonald’s. 


The activation had great impact among consumers who, free from prejudice regarding the brand, enjoyed the new Club House and recognised the quality of its ingredients.  

It also managed to surprise everyone through its innovative format and partnership with Globosat. Through 11 cable channels with a grand total of 465 insertions, reached over 20 million people in a single week.  

The great success was also reflected in digital results. In only one week there were 5,018 spontaneous mentions about the campaign, 97% of them being positive.  

Facebook: +33.000 Likes and 902,834 interactions 

Instagram: 1,640 followers and 18,929 interactions 

YouTube: 2.9 million views 

Furthermore, there were over 10,958 interactions with the influencers.  

All that success quickly converted into sales overcoming the goals set by the company. It represented a 40% increase in sales, + 13UPTS (Units per Thousands) and +5% of guest’s visit vs previous year. McDonald’s had its best week in sales in the quarter reaching +20.8% in growth, all this during an unfavourable economic scenario in the Country.   

Club House not only sold more than the expected, it also increased the sales of other products + 64UPTs in Extra Value Menu (combos).

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February - March 2016
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