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Absolut Buenos Aires

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Argentina has a reputation built around Premium Wines exports. Mendoza province and Cuyo area produce the finest wines, and the local culture embraces having a Premium bottle at the table in every family/friends gathering. Consuming high quality brands is affordable: $5 average price for a bottle that might cost around $25 in the US. Wine consumption rose 28% during 2015. 

On the other hand, ready to drink vodkas mix fruits with vodka resulting in flavoured lower alcohol graduations drinks: 8%. AB InBev launched Mixxtail Caipiroska during 2015 with an aggressive campaign, following its succesful Beer Mix Media approach in which traditional media (and Open TV in particular) receive the higher SOI. A $5 price and being easy to serve, makes them attractive for the target.  

“Porteños” (BA locals) think of Absolut as a Duty Free Shop, hype and exclusive bars kind of brand. Its Premium quality (40% alcohol graduation /40 USD price) turned it into a luxury item. When looking at Vodka consumption growth, it faces a +1% rate/per year. Clearly, the market context was not on its side.  

Nevertheless, Absolut Limited Edition bottles are considered by the target not just as a regular bottle, rather than an Art object. Buenos Aires design was co-created by local artists Costhanzo (Illustrator) and Gaspar Liebedisnky (Architect & Conceptual Artist). They conceptually captured the city´s essence to create a bottle that captures attention and takes the consumer on a sightseeing tour just by rotating its colourful design. 


The consumer portrait and the uniqueness of the Limited Edition bottle design, were the communications strategy triggers.  

Aged 25 to 35 and known as Old Millennials, these “Ambitious socials” are tech fans that love to travel, enjoy discovering the soon to be hypest place in town, choose brands to show off status, consider commuting as a downtime opportunity to grab their phones, and are socially active both online and offline.  

On the downside, their 3” average attention span, multitasking habits, being on the move the entire day and heavily targeted by all sorts of brands, makes them really difficult to reach and engage. 

Kings of commuting, they consume content and interact with friends online while on the move. 67% of them take the bus to work (TGI Oct 2015), from work to University, from Uni to a bar, and the loop starts all over again. Their smartphone is an extension to their personality. Mobile Penetration 82% Affinity 136 (TGI Oct 2015). 

Pride is an attribute locals are worldwide known for. How would they DARE to miss the opportunity to buy the bottle that recognised and celebrated them? The bottle takes the Obelisk (iconic landmark and heart of the citypoint of view, to unveil a design where Borges and soccer meet, classy French architecture mix with ordinary pizza places, and Italian and Spanish immigrants walk the same streets. If it zoomed and cropped, it would be able to produce multiple creative pieces.    

Is there a better way to connect a product to its audience than showing that their interests are part of its design? And even better if it could display one specific creative asset taking into account real time data (geolocalisation, interests, intent and behaviour) and add an innovation layer to overcome the brand´s challenge: Dynamic Creative assets. 


UM built five audiences using 1st and 3rd party data: 

 Brand properties data 
 Interest data: Soccer & Art 
 Interest & Intent data: Spirits + Premium drinks & Aspirational brands 

More than 130 data providers were used to guarantee best performance. 

Audiences guided the creative assets production. UM animated specific pieces of the bottle to create display assets and social content. “Soccer” portrayed a player showing off his skills; “Billboards” featured multiple lettering styles and aesthetics used in billboards; “Bus” had a taxi and a bus driving across the design´s streets; “Waiter” celebrated local waiters, whose memory is considered to be flawless. 

The agency's Display Programmatic Strategy started with dividing the city into hot zones. Then geolocalisation data in real time was collected to serve an specific creative. If an Old Millennial was walking near a Stadium, “Soccer” would display for him. When by Palermo (trendy neighbourhood packed with bars and nightclubs), “Waiter” would reach him. While commuting, on board or near the 60 line bus route, “Bus” would appear on his phone. 

When users clicked, they landed in a mobile first site. They rotate a 360° bottle, buy it in just two clicks (plugging in a 3rd party e-commerce) or pin a collaborative city map of memories by composing a paragraph, adding Instagram images and Spotify songs. 

The target spends +2.5 hours/day on Social apps (Proprietary study) so UM used Facebook´s unique combination of reach and interest data; Instagram´s artsy attributes; and Twitter´s Periscope to stream live the best of its night events. 


Absolut.Buenos Aires Limited Edition launch Campaign not only succeeded with its comms objectives, but SOLD OUT 82k bottles!  

The mobile first campaign,empowered the brand to connect with its local audience in an innovative way, closing the perception gap and overcoming the cold and VIP-only halo.  

Absolut became the first of its kind in Argentina to run a programmatic campaign using tailored audiences, geolocalisation and interest data in real time. 

Bearing in mind that Old Millennials are the Skip generation and immediately close any invasive media, the CTR was 55% higher than the category benchmark. 

Dynamic Creatives were key to learn that “Soccer” was the best performing asset: +23% CTR vs campaign average. In a country where Messi has a monument, creating an asset that celebrated players to connect with locals was the right move! 

Real time optimisation allowed UM to allocate budget on creatives and targeting that were showing the best results. It got 9% additional/extra impressions (vs planned)! 

Site analytics were outstanding - Page View average was +150% than the category benchmark and the session length was +100%. 

Porteño´s pride aside, who wouldn´t want to expand his private collection with the most beautiful city bottle in the history of the brand?

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Brand Owner:
Pernod Ricard
Drinks (alcoholic)
April - May 2016
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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