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Clear Taps on Mudik (annual homecoming tradition) during Eid holiday in Indonesia

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The grooming sector is a crowded space dominated by a handful of key players offering alternatives. Though the differentiation among products may be small, consumers tend to be loyal to one brand giving little room to influence them to switch brands. 

CLEAR stands for confidence to provide a healthy, deeply nourished scalp which has a natural resistance against dandruff and is the foundation for strong and healthy hair, so that you feel good, confident and ready to boldly engage the world.  

This year, across Indonesia, about 32 million people were expected to travel during the Muslim holiday at the end of Ramadan known around the world as Eid al-Fitr, of which 14%, mostly men, return home by motorcycle. The annual homecoming is a way for Indonesians to reconnect with their families, and the motorcycle Mudik trip can take up to 12 hours one-way with 4-hour intervals in between. According to the focus group discussion done by Unilever among its target audience (male motorcyclists aged between 28-35), the pit stops they make along the way are usually restaurants and gas stations across the Indonesian island of Java. 

CLEAR engaged its target audience through brand activation at select pit stops, to demonstrate its brand’s efficacy and messaging. 

These pit stops included a refreshment area, gaming area and even a hair washing area for motorcyclists to feel and look refreshed. It was also able to influence loyal consumers by associating its brand and product with a ‘winning moment’. 


CLEAR saw male motorcyclists in Mudik as a great opportunity to effectively engage with a geographically constrained and contained target audience, men undertaking the relentless Mudik trip across Java. On their long journey home, the prolonged use of a helmet leads to perspiration and sweaty scalp that can potentially lead to dandruff. The brand’s opportunity was to engage consumers at strategic pit stops along the most popular Mudik routes identified for motorcyclists, containing the target audience. CLEAR product booths were set up giving consumers the opportunity to sample, experience and buy the product during their break, at various pre-defined pit stops across the island and the 12-hour journey. 

CLEAR also saw the opportunity to connect with consumers on an emotional level. Because post-Ramadan celebration is about religious victory, Opera MediaWorks created video content to deliver the “winning moment”. 

The video is of a group of motorcyclists on their Mudik trip, marking the end of their journey with a victory celebration moment together with their families back home. 

The agency created a multichannel campaign... 

• TV and radio stations gave a massive reach and helped communicate tips for Mudik and men’s grooming, as well as, amplify the efforts to engage consumers at the various booths and locations. 

• In Indonesia 93.16% of the target audience access Internet on their mobile phones. It allowed the agency to engage with them during the trip using mobile video and location mapping to drive them to the branded pit stops. This ‘hyper-local’ content enabled CLEAR to have a more personal brand moment during the trip that was more relevant and narrowcast than a geo-neutral campaign. 

• With millions of motorists returning home during the same period, traffic jams were also a common sight with many surfing their phones while stuck in traffic. CLEAR used precise location targeting and this time along with peak hours i.e., 3 AM to 6 AM and 10 AM to 1 PM to push video ads and engage users with relevant content on mobile and various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

• On ground activation to deliver a meaningful and culturally powerful experience which was supported by product trial, sampling and even sales. This gave the 360 campaign a sense of deep geographical relevance, online, on-air and on-the-road. 


Prior to the engagement activities, Opera MediaWorks started the campaign with TV commercials, and leveraged social media for broad awareness. CLEAR also worked with strategic local radio partners to establish the popular pit stops and rest areas in 10 locations across the island of Java.  

Each location consisted of a refreshment area, gaming area, hair washing area, and snacks for the road.  

During the seven days when the Mudik activity is the most intense, CLEAR targeted drivers on the route on their smartphone with video content and an end-card to help locate the rest areas and get the fastest route to the branded location. 

To integrate its video content with on ground activity it used mobile. Although Indonesia suffers a 48% mobile video stall rate, CLEAR chose Zero buffer Instant-Play™ with dynamic end card technology supporting maps to overcome an all-too-common technical challenge. 

Once in the pit stops and rest areas, consumers had access to all facilities and were given samples, offered product trials and even the possibility to purchase male grooming products. 


In a short span of just seven days (peak Mudik period), CLEAR achieved outstanding reach and engagement levels. The brand reached 10 million users of its target audience across the various channels.  

• Airtime Play: A total of 5,702,156 hours of video content played 

 • Completion View: YouTube achieved an incredible 75% completion rate while Mobile video ads went up to an impressive 85.5% video completion rate compared to industry benchmark of 20-40%. 

• Engagement: over 40,000 visitors to the stations. Over 10,000 users interacted with the mobile end card map and looked up the locations 

• Product Samples: One million product samples given out 

• Product Trials: 10,080 product trials; an average of 1,500 a day. 

• Product Sales: 21,000 kits sold, 2 for every trial 

• Market Impact: 3.6% uplift in sales during EID, the highest market share in 2016.

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Brand Owner:
June - July 2016
Opera MediaWorks
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