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Cornetto's That One Summer

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The market is changing. In fact, new and "cool" snacks are being introduced from convenience stores to fast food outlets through aggressive advertising campaigns with "fresher" and "cooler" approach. For teens, a cool imagery is now part of their criteria in choosing what they eat. Cool imagery = relevance. 

Teens nowadays resort to mere texting and liking posts on Facebook so they can get noticed by their crushes - even if what they really want is that one real-life thrilling romantic moment with them. They fear rejection or getting awkward once they make a move, so they need that one thing that will help them get that moment. Giving flowers is too straightforward while giving chips or burgers might get them into the "friend-zone". Cornetto is just the best ice breaker because it's simple but sweet, and you're sure to get a moment. 

Lovestruck teens in the Philippines are almost always online on social media - and romance is always in the air. They follow authors who write romantic fiction, join communities idolising celebrity love teams, and read romance fiction on Wattpad.  

The pressure is high for Cornetto to be as aggressive to build a cooler imagery against competitors. Knowing that teens find high fascination on love and relationships, it jumped in. 


Mindshare created a Cornetto love story on Wattpad that didn’t feel branded. Two elements needed to come into play for this to work: 

First, the story was set in the summer where it is the warmest time in the country; and second, the brand had to be the catalyst during the key moments of the story pushing the narrative forward.  

To top it off, the brand wanted a highly engaged community as they help in completing the story after every chapter ends. 

It wanted maximum impact with its readers, recruiting one of Wattpad’s most loved authors, Alyloony, who has 791,000 readers and six books under her belt. She also translated her following to the different social media channels making it easy to tap into the community to be part of the story.  

With these things in place, the agency then embarked on creating a Cornetto love story that had one of the best Wattpad writers on board with a very active online community. 

The fun doesn't end there yet. 

It even took one step further and partnered with VIVA - one of the biggest production outfits in the Philippines - to bring the story into life by turning it into a movie starring one of the hottest celebrity love teams of the country. 


Cornetto launched the story "This Time / That One Summer". Capitalising on Alyloony's klout on social media and Wattpad's promotions, the agency drove readership to the new story quickly. 

Every chapter ended with the writer engaging her fan base asking on how she will move on with the story. Fans voted on two options on how the story would move on. 

Cornetto played a subtle but pivotal role in the story wherein the brand would play into key moments in the life of the couple in story. The brand was the catalyst for the two to meet: a seemingly innocent gesture of randomly picking the Cornetto flavour in the freezer leads to an awkward first meet up. And as the two main characters grew up, their sweetest moments were highlighted by short summer memories with a simple Cornetto cone as the ice breaker. 

The agency knew that this big success online was meant for something even greater. That is why Mindshare took it to the next level by co-producing a full-length film starring one of the hottest celebrity tandems among teens, James Reid and Nadine Lustre 


It was the best summer ever for Cornetto. Sales increased by 20% and "brand love" grew by seven points.  

Overall, this makes "This Time / That One Summer" the best branded story by Alyloony in terms of reads, comments, and votes. It enjoyed an almost 400% increase in readers versus other local Wattpad branded stories.  

Readership was very engaged so much that they spent a total of 12,000 hours or almost two hours reading it! The story continued to be one of the top reads among the local branded stories published on Wattpad.  

The movie "This Time / That One Summer" became the country's biggest summer film of the year. Despite showing in line with Captain America: Civil War and another local romantic comedy film, "This Time" raked in 15 million pesos on its opening day. This is the best opening day for a local movie competing with well-established franchises/blockbusters. 

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