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Pureit Cares for Chennai

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Chennai, the biggest cultural, economic and education hub in South India came to a standstill when incessant rains began on 1st December 2015. Pureit wanted to reach out to the maximum number of Chennaites with the message of free access to unlimited safe drinking water.  

The campaign faced the following challenges:  

1. Mobilising on ground teams to identify accessible locations to set up Pureit water zones. 

2. Choice of effective media to reach out to maximum people when most of the mediums were failing. 

3. After the choice of media, the next challenge was to get the database of relevant consumers and channelising all efforts to reach to them. In this case, the HUL and Pureit consumer base and telco database was utilised so that the nearest kiosk could be made available even to basic feature phone users. 

4. Working on tight schedule to ensure that information goes out at the earliest. This also meant tremendous coordination between client and agency to ensure success. 


Amidst the floods, Pureit set up 25 kiosks and 25 mobile vans were deployed across the city which were ‘always operational’.. 

With close to 1,000 operational devices across the city, the agency wanted to direct the Chennaites to nearest Pureit water zones. That’s when it decided to use a technology which is closest to the consumers and still functional - the mobile phone. 

PHD created a Google map and listed addresses of all of kiosks and sent bulk SMSes. The Chennai database of Pureit’s existing consumer database and Hindustan Unilever’s database were utilised to initiate the conversation. 

It also took location wise mobile numbers from telco providers - Idea and Vodafone, geo tagged these SMSes with the location and address of the nearest Pureit water zone.  

Because, More reach = More help. 

The agency leveraged on mobile internet wherever possible and created an awareness plan to spread the word and maximise reach. Facebook and Twitter posts were planned to help netizens reach the Pureit kiosks by using the hashtag #pureitcares. Clicks on these posts led consumers to a webpage where they could know the location of the kiosks. 

A toll free number 1860 210 1000 was also set up for Chennaites to call via their mobile phones and get information regarding the Pureit water zones. In areas where electricity was not a problem TV news channel tickers flashed the toll free number to reach the whole of Chennai.  


Pureit did not come forth to just deliver brand message of ‘Pure drinking water’, it demonstrated the philosophy by distributing unlimited pure drinking water during an emergency. 

With limited means of communication, Pureit utilised the power of Mobile marketing by sending out bulk SMSes and Geo-tagging technology to send location based information. This quick turnaround and effective is an idea that can be implemented on scale during other calamities as well. 


The mobile SMS reached 2.1 lac Pureit consumers in Chennai city. Hindustan Unilever mobile number database helped reach out to 8 lac Chennaites. 

It took 2 lac mobile numbers from Idea and Vodafone with their exact location to give them the Pureit water kiosk nearest to them. 

Around 1.6 million+ consumers were successfully reached and awareness was spread regarding Pureitcares and its location via the mobile phone. 

All this aided with Social media and TV plans helped over half a million people of the city to reach the Pureit water zones and get unlimited access to pure drinking water.  

The 1,000 Pureit devices distributed close to two million litres of safe drinking water. This was sufficient to quench thirst of the whole of Iceland for two whole days. 

In this moment of dire need, Pureit was with Chennai assuring Pure Drinking Water for their families.

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Pureit Water Purifiers
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December 2015 - January 2016
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