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Celebrate your Roots

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Hair Oiling is an intrinsic part of traditional Indian hair-care regime which has been passed down by generations. Bringing together this ancient wisdom with the goodness of Coconut Oil is Parachute Advansed, an iconic Indian brand symbolising and promoting Hair-Oiling since 1974.  

However, this nourishing hair care ritual was losing relevance amongst the fast paced young generation who preferred new-age regimes providing quick fixes with instant benefits. The influx of modern products like Conditioners and Serums had begun to reshape consumer expectations and lead to dwindling frequency of Hair Oiling which was considered as a tedious and time consuming process. 

Thus, the Challenge for Parachute Advansed was, to rekindle a lost tradition of hair oiling amongst a new generation of Indians and induce a behavioural and mindset change by making it adoption worthy. 

Lifestyle choices made by the Indian consumer, especially women, was a reflection of their fast changing socio-economic worldview. They were increasingly replacing traditional habits by adopting new-age practices in their routine lifestyles. Even when it came to Hair care, preference was skewed towards the instant and easy to style product claims of modern brands rather than the nourishment promise of Hair Oiling.  

Consumer Insight: In spite of exhibiting a modern and new-age mindset throughout the year, Festivals are occasions which reinforce a sense of traditional Indian pride amongst the target audience. During Festive occasions, Indian women Go Back to their Roots by enthusiastically celebrating each and every ritual associated with the Festival. It is the only time in the year where modern and new-age mindset takes a back seat and everything tradition is given priority. It is also an occasion where women aspire to look their best making it an important consumption occasion for all beauty brands. 


Madison Communications decided to use this short window of opportunity offered by Festivals as a platform to start conversations around the goodness of tradition and establish the role of Oiling as an important part of their forgotten tradition.  

In order to influence action and bring about a behavioural change it seamlessly promoted the practice of hair-oiling as a part of some customary rituals which formed the core of these Festivals.  

In North India, during Holi- the spring carnival of colour, people play and colour each other with dry powder and coloured water. In order to protect their hair from the aftermath of Holiit's customary to Oil them before & after playing with colours 

In the Eastern state of Maharashtra, the biggest Hindu festival of Diwali is celebrated after the cleansing ritual of a holi bath called Abhyang Snan. The use of fragrant oil which calms the mind and rejuvenates the body was at the core of this ritual.  

For the South Indian festival of Onam celebrated in Kerala, women adorned their traditional attire to become a Malyali Manka (beautiful women). The traditional festive look was only complete when accompanied by traditional oiled hairstyles.  

Core Strategic Thought: Leverage the mindset change from modern to traditional triggered by Cultural Occasions to induce a behavioral change by associating with relevant rituals making them the Consumption Occasions. 

The agency set out to achieve this through a three pronged strategic approach: 
• Leveraging Influencers to start/seed conversations – Listening Touch points  
• Social Media to actively engage with the consumers  - Conversing Touch points 
• Recency Planning close to the festival to initiate action – Converting Touch points 

The Big idea, Celebrate Your Roots - Using the power of key opinion leaders across multimedia touch points it created customised and contextually relevant content based on the Festival to remind the consumer of the irreplaceable role of Hair Oiling in their festive & everyday Hair Care regime.  


The campaign had massive scale and was implemented across three distinct geographies using multiple touchpoints. 

Listening Touch points: 
• Video platforms were used to disseminate original content featuring famous TV & Movie stars as influencers to establish the role of Hair Oiling as a festive ritual. The brand partnered with leading TV channels in each market and used their leading protagonist as influencers of the brand proposition 
• Print platforms were used innovatively to generate rapid awareness in the short period of the festive season. For example, during Diwali where the ritual was to have a holi bath with fragrant oil, consumers woke up to fragrance of jasmine perfumed newspaper ads wherein it integrated the Parachute Jasmine variant. Similar, intervention was planned for Holi with impact format innovations encouraging people to play holi without the fear of hair damage by using Parachute Advansed.  
• Outdoor was used to further build the surround. The agency created coloured smoke emitting billboards at prime locations in Mumbai & Delhi.       

Conversing Touch points:  
• To turn passive participation into active ‘play’, it created special hashtag #KhulKeKheloHoli, through which people could share their colourful Holi experiences on all social platforms. 
• Contests hosted on Facebook, Dubsmash and Twitter, gave it the virality and excitement of winning special Parachute Advansed hampers on celebrating the spontaneity of Holi. 
• Every touch point across the Web and Mobile were utilised; be it - Popular video and audio portals such as YouTube & Gaana, Rich media engagements on popular lifestyle properties  
• Native article seeding amplified for more participations, final culmination of conversations were on social platforms of Facebook and Twitter. 
• On Radio RJs from leading stations in Mumbai & Delhi invited listeners to share their thoughts on how they intend to play Holi & the best thought won a chance to play Holi with Parachute Advansed. 


The bond with hair-oiling was strengthened – Surge in Brand Equity for Parachute Advansed: 
• Brand Imagery rose 9 points - 18% shift in a single month post Holi campaign 
• During the activity period of Onam, TOMA went up significantly and touched a high 90%  
• 100% growth vs earlier quarter – Became most preferred brand in a single month post all campaigns. 

The strategy helped add approx. 8 million new HH’s to the Parachute Family this year. 

Sales growth was visible in all regions, but the most remarkable surge was in the tough market of North India. From 11% (Dec’15-Feb’16) to a phenomenal 21% (Mar’16-May’16) – 10% jump in three months. 

Consideration scores (Would consider buying) grew by 4%. 

Business strengthened: Overall, there was a 1.2% gain in market share (from 52.9% to 54.2%) 
- No. 1 Twitter trend during Holi campaign. 
- 10.6 million impressions resulting in 2.1 million Onam Video Views  
- 5 million views of Holi video on Facebook alone.

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Brand Owner:
March - May 2016
Madison Communications
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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