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Heineken Go Places

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The challenge was to bring more qualified local talent, especially in emerging markets, to apply for a job at Heineken, as well as lift the level of engagement amongst existing employees. 

Globally millennials will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020 – so Starcom decided to shake up Heinekens talent strategy and move from a more traditional approach to something better suited for the audience. Given millennial’s obsession with video, the agency knew it offered the perfect canvas to tell an engaging story that was super relevant for the job at hand. 

Twinning this with its audiences need of instant gratification and connectivity Starcom developed an interactive video where candidates had a real-time opportunity to go through the first stage of the Heineken interview process, in a fun and entertaining way. Candidate’s responses would be analysed and placed them in one of eight personality types (using sophisticated psychological science built from multiple studies, akin to Myers Briggs) such as “The Challenger,” “The Investigator,” or “The Reformer.” 


Go Places leveraged Heineken Brand's Open Your World positioning to attract the best global talent for the company. With the millennial audience in mind, Starcom shifted the strategy from the use of traditional recruitment agents to a new data first and social led strategy to capture the attention of young professionals.  

To drive true authenticity for candidates it custom built audience groups that focused on values, lifestyle and behavioural signals that matched the core essence of the brand as it’s a well reported that millennials are attracted to companies and brands that represent their beliefs. These signals enabled it to reach beer fans and job seekers, and demographic targeting ensured it reached millennial men and women with little wastage. 


As a global campaign platform, 70 markets activated media with local properties to deliver the message at scale to the right audiences, in over 23 languages. But with only €200K ($234K) in global media budget available, the agency needed to focus on the platforms that would achieve results.  

Local markets invested in display, video, and social media to deliver the interview, and to complement local plans, it centrally activated digital media – Facebook gave the scale and sharing environment to generate engagements, whilst LinkedIn provided targeted relevancy for job seekers.  

Starcom brokered a further global deal with LinkedIn wherein they would match added value impressions to market investments – making its investments work even harder.  


Heineken has seen incredible results from a small campaign investment:  

These tactics paid off, reaching 15 million unique prospective candidates and generating over 4.5 million video views. Media increased traffic to HEINEKEN’s LinkedIn page +400% and tripled the number of qualified job applicants 

263,000 interviews were started, with an average 61% completion rate (a stellar accomplishment for a 5-10 minute video)  

Media delivered strong on-site performance driving 241,604 clicks to the website - 114,497 (47%) resulting in COMPLETED interviews. With a site bounce rate of only 3.61%, over 96% of consumers that arrived at the landing page explored the site. 10% of users also shared The Interview, drawing even more qualified millennials into the experience and recruitment pool.  

But the best part was the impact to HEINEKEN – an increase of +300% in qualified job applications on LinkedIn for roles at HEINEKEN, driven by targeted media.  

Industry response has also been strong, proving that HR outreach doesn’t have to be boring – knowing your audience and speaking to them how they want to be spoken to drive long term business results.

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