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Made to Move

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According to the United Nations, the UK and Ireland are the “fat men of Europe”. Obesity levels have more than trebled in the last 30 years and, on current estimates, more than half their populations could be obese by 2050. 

In both countries the public are leading more sedentary lives than ever before. 

They spend the vast majority of their waking day sitting down, on average 8.9 hours a day, from commuting, to the desk, to the sofa. Added to this, increasingly busy lives means it is hard to find the time to exercise and to fit it into their daily routine, despite good intentions.

Not only is this bad for the nation’s health but it is also a specific problem for Lucozade Sport, the UK and Ireland’s best-selling sports drink. 

Because no exercise means no need for Lucozade Sport.

The primary usage for Lucozade is to be drunk alongside exercise. And despite being the dominant market leader, Lucozade Sport had been in decline for over six years.

Rather than simply fight for share, MediaCom realised it could grow the market.

If it could get people to move more, they would buy more Lucozade Sport. 

The agency set itself a goal of getting a million more people moving by 2020, a big target but one that would not only solve Lucozade’s business problem but also have a beneficial impact on society.


For people who don’t have the time to exercise, or are afraid of being judged whilst working out, Lucozade Sport knew it was a big ask to get them to go to the gym. 

The agency realised that it had to bring the gym to them, reaching them in inherently sedentary moments and getting them to move when they least expected it.

So MediaCom created a two-fold strategy.

It would bring the gym into the nations’ living rooms by teaming up with famous sports stars and creating inspirational video content that would motivate people to exercise when they are sitting down in the comfort of their own home.

It would also get people moving during their commute using the power of digital out-of-home to create movement on the move. It would film this and distribute the content digitally to gain traction across the two nations.


The agency targeted an everyday moment where people sit down and turned it into an exciting chance to move, taking over one of the UK’s busiest bus stops and surprising unsuspecting commuters with a live work out.

Renowned British celebrity fitness influencer Fitzroy Gaynes ran a simple exercise class that it streamed live into the digital panel in the bus shelter, creating an interactive exercise session. 

Anyone at the bus stop could join in, and he responded to what was going on, encouraging participants to try something new. Soon he had the people of Manchester, the UK’s second largest city, dancing, boxing, lifting and squatting. 

Everyone who took part was rewarded with a sample of Lucozade Sport dispensed from the bus shelter.

It chose a high footfall location to get as many people moving as possible over two days and turned the workout into inspirational video content and distributed this across the UK and Ireland through You Tube and Facebook.

This was backed up with live Facebook exercise classes. Lucozade became the first brand in Europe to use Facebook Live, utilising the-then new channel to get the two nations exercising at home, by joining in live workout sessions.  

The agency recruited heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua and Olympic 100m runner and renowned fitness instructor Emily Kaye to run the classes, which were streamed live into people’s living rooms via Facebook Live and YouTube Live.


Results for this campaign remain confidential at the client's request.

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