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The frozen pastry category is currently declining and Pampas was declining with it. With Pampas as the dominant category player (50% share) it needed to act quickly to reverse category decline. 

Whilst a simple enough sounding task, it was a big ask on a very small budget. Havas Group needed to start new conversations around a product that was no longer popular or relevant with new, younger audiences that Pampas were after.  

 Category sales were at their peak during the campaign period, from August to October, and so it needed to stand out in a short and cluttered campaign period. 

Research into the Australian food category revealed three key insights and one great idea. 

1. People are wasting more food than ever before - Australians waste $10 billion in uneaten food each year whilst food prices are soaring 

2. Sustainability is a key issue and interest for young Australians – particularly when it comes to recycling, using home-grown produce, Aussie brands and cooking with good quality ingredients 

3. Family dishes and Australian 'home favourites' resonate with the largest audience and there’s nothing more Australian than a pie: an iconic national dish for any occasion. And what do all pies need? Pastry.  

Introducing RE-PIE-CLING a vision to inspire people through Pampas' pastry possibilities and create a sustainable food movement in a smart but humble way. 

Overlayed with its research data, the agency pin-pointed the foods that are most commonly wasted and created unique Pampas recipes to showcase its 'Re-pie-cling' solutions.  


With Re-pie-cling, it wanted Australians to think differently about using and reusing food at home and start a movement around reinventing leftovers or food about to go off in a clever way. By leveraging global trends towards food wastage it could create meaningful story that had the ability to go beyond the budget allowance.  

The agency took a non-traditional strategic approach. An idea not just a media execution. A go-to market strategy not reliant on paid media that would appeal to the younger audience's social culture whilst staying true to older fans.  

The four stage strategy:  

1. Drive movement and awareness with PR (Earned): most cost effective way to generate initial campaign coverage. Sustainability is already a trending topic. Create broad topic awareness with the target audience across TV, news, print, digital, blogs and radio. 

2. Engage audience with a brand ambassador (Earned and Shared): create an ambassador to show cool ways to waste less and re-pie-cle which is back up by research. Research on food waste taken to relevant press targets to drive earned exposure. Interviews with ambassador and utilise social feeds.  

3. Inspire audience to Re-Pie-Cle through Owned assets (Owned and Shared): Create owned content assets on the top five items people are keen to re-pie-cle with the ambassador and supporting assets that live across all channels: print, OLV, radio, social, display. Use Facebook page to launch campaign supported by Instagram. 

4. Incentivise purchase and product adoption (Paid): Support with paid social, SEO and radio advertising to encourage visits to the social pages of Pampas. Incentivise key online communities to purchase product and submit their own content via native advertising, sponsored posts and key content partnerships. 


Havas Group designed a 360 degree, social-led, communications campaign targeting the audience groups where they were: Facebook (56% of people 65+ and 73% of people aged 30-45) and online, family and lifestyle communities.    

Working with an integrated media, creative and PR idea and team meant it had a pool of expertise needed to play to the strengths of the Re-Pie-Cling story and movement. It could produce creative and engaging content, appoint a relevant campaign spokesperson, form strategic media partnerships and drive press coverage all from one collaborative team. The entire project could live with the brand and be executed end-to-end minimising time consuming logistics, interrupted processes, and unnecessary budget spend. 


With Australian sustainability chef Matt Stone, the agency co-created a digital content series of ‘Re-Pie-Cling’ video recipes that would live across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  

Utilising Matt’s social influence it launched on Facebook. Weekly, a new RE-PIE-CLE video was released along with insider tips on cutting food waste with perfect pastry ideas on.  

A partnership with MouthsofMums targeted the young female audience. Leveraging their Facebook following (230K members) and readers gave an incremental reach of over 500K.  

Online competitions on social and MouthofMums created user-generated content by asking Re-Pie-Clers to share their own Pie and Pastry recipe inventions.  

A limited budget meant earned media was key to amplifying this campaign. Matt Stone and the sustainability subject helped move Pampas and Re-Pie-Cling from just food media into lifestyle and headline news.  


 Stemmed Pampas decline at a slower rate than the category 

 The campaign has had a positive impact on share of market  

 Engaged new and existing audiences for the brand and leveraged a new, on-trend conversation 

 Re-pie-cling provided a solid foundation to build future campaigns  

 1.7 million full video views of Re-Pie-Cling web films across channels  

 80% of web traffic users were new, 13% increase in overall site traffic 

 Facebook fan base growth of 67%: 3,539 fans, +539 against target  

 90% of likes from females within target audience (25-40) 

 Facebook Q&A achieved total engagement of 581 and total reach of 58,290  

 55 media articles and 22 million+ reach across earned media  

 Pampas dominated the industry Share of Voice with during the period  

 MouthofMums partnership created $77.5k added value and 350K+ views. 

By approaching the campaign with a cross-platform communications mentality across media, PR and creative production and focusing on a socially-led campaign, it maximised the budget and ultimately stopped an iconic Aussie brand being removed from shelves - all on less than $100K. 

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Brand Owner:
Goodman Fielder
August - September 2015
Media Channel:
  • FMAs winner
  • FMAs shortlisted

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