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Doro is a small and relatively unknown smartphone brand in the Nordics. Its target group is people 60+, the so-called baby boomers. 

Smartphone penetration in the Nordics is one of the highest in the world. Starcom knew that less than 50% of the target group owned smartphones and just a fraction of them knew how to use all the fun and useful functions that make smartphones so popular in younger age groups. Smartphone owners in the target group used their smartphone to make phone calls and at best play Solitaire. But 90% of them want to continue learning new things for the rest of their lives. 

The agency found a lack of understandable, technical information about smartphones written with this target group in mind. All smartphone brands used difficult technical jargon with lots of acronyms and a lingo that was simply not adapted for older people.  

This target group knew how to use Facebook on their computers and they are the fastest growing group on Facebook in the Nordics, but only 10% used Facebook on their mobile phones (daily use).  

They felt very insecure when it came to technical gadgets. They needed help! There wasn’t anyone who spoke to elderly smartphone consumers about how to use a smartphone or anyone who had claimed the position to be their friend. Starcom had found a valuable communication opportunity for Doro!   


With Doro’s stated mission of “inspiring the over 65s to exceed expectations and live life to the full with the help of Doro products and services”, the agency developed the communication strategy to be the baby boomers’ knowledgeable friend when it comes to technical gadgets, starting with smart phones, so that they didn’t have to rely on their kids and younger friends for help and advice.  

It created “The Smartphone School” in which we gave the target group guides on how to use all the different functions in a smartphone, regardless of type of phone or operating system. The content was created in a manner that was adapted to the target group and their daily lives.  

It needed to introduce them to the world of fun and smart apps and functions a smartphone has to offer. It wanted to steer all traffic to Doro’s website where all the content was presented in a clear manner. Here, visitors could experience the wonderful world of smartphones and when they felt skilled and comfortable enough, they were just one click away from ordering their own Doro Smartphone. 


“The Smartphone School” consisted of different blog posts. Each one covered one function of a smartphone or an app. One post taught pupils how to use the flashlight on the phone, another how to take pictures, listen to music etc. Great effort was put into the text and imagery in order for it to appeal to the target of A60+. It wanted the content to be basic, clear and fun, but without making the pupils feel ridiculed or patronised. A fine line… 

The blog posts were published on Doro Nordics’ webpages and posted on its different Nordic Facebook pages. The articles were marketed via Facebook, where the user was enticed to read more by clicking on the post. 


Doro saw an increase of 44% in clicks to the website compared to previous campaigns (with equivalent budget) and the content was very engaging to the target group. They shared, commented and liked the articles among each other.  

Compared to the Christmas campaign 2015, it achieved 125% more likes 2016 on Facebook. The article about how to charge your smartphone ended up being the one with the highest click-through-rate of over 9% - way above the average of about 1%. 

Doro had the opportunity to spend quality time with its consumers. The average time spent on the website turned out to be four minutes compared to one minute during the same time last year. An increase by 300%! 

Even more importantly, the Doro 825 was sold out and Doro recorded an all-time high in sales in the Nordics during this time. It saw a mind-blowing increase in sales by 2764% in the web shop compared to the same period last year. 

Finally, someone spoke about technology in a language that the baby boomers could understand. With “The Smartphone School”, Doro became the baby boomers’ best friend.

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