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In order to resonate with consumers on a personal level, GoPro, a global brand, needed to take into account certain cultural, regional and seasonal sensitivities as it promoted the features, capabilities and values of versatility and durability. GoPro had to understand the core reasons a consumer purchases and uses a GoPro – paying attention to particular market nuances while still being able to scale across the world to maintain and expand its global presence. There are a million different reasons a consumer would want to purchase and use a GoPro, and every consumer around the world has their own reason. 

With an understanding that the brand is used more often during actives such as travel, surfing, snowboarding and hanging with pets, UM identified users with these affinities and interests. This allowed for scale across the world, helping to organise the marketing communications that the brand could leverage across the 14 countries in which GoPro currently advertises. 


The strategy was to leverage Person Place & Moment (audience behaviour, contextual interests, and trigger moment) Data from 1st and 3rd party sources - CRM, Site Actions, Search Actions, Google Affinity Data as well as moments data to hyper target individuals on a global scale with a relevant message that would resonate with them and their lifestyles. 

Ensuring global scale, the agency leveraged local UGC content and online advertising. It worked to create messages and creative that were relevant and personalised, at scale and dynamically assembled in real-time, informed by the data insights it leveraged to target and serve media to the individual. 


UM was able to partner with GoPro’s in-house creative team to source assets from local markets where it has users contributing to GoPro’s content channels. This way it was able to feature individuals from the local markets in targeted advertisements. Content was centralised through the UM/GoPro Global teams, as well as by working with local markets to build addressable content that was created and vetted through local internal GoPro teams. 

GoPro Internal Global Creative Team and UM Studios Addressable Content Engine worked together to build over 1,600 pieces of addressable content for seven Products, in 14 Countries, across four Regions, in nine Languages, and five Currencies. 

This allowed UM to specify the types of messages to be crated for maximum resonance with GoPro consumers. If they were in the US searching for family vacation destinations, it could serve them a message about GoPro’s waterproof feature being used by a family at the beach and a USD offer. Likewise, if it knew they were a pet owner in the UK and owned a GoPro, it was able to serve them a message with the accompanying accessories to turn their dog into a camera man - offering the pet mount in the appropriate currency. 


In GoPro's key markets, the campaign resulted in +153 million Impressions, +1,114% Interaction rate over Consumer Electronics Benchmarks, upwards of 6.84 ROAS.

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September - November 2016
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