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Idea of the Week

Inspiration from Cream for AdvertisingAge readers

Divine chocolate bar

  • Kit-Kat
  • The Netherlands

People are always claiming to find the face of Jesus on odd places - on pieces of toast, in a cushion, on a meteorite. KitKat wanted to play on its 'Have a break, have a KitKat' tagline within this context. Have a break in the Netherlands means "give me a break" or "enough is enough". Instead of creating an ad, they created a sighting of Jesus in a KitKat. A credible fake email was created and sent from a person who had apparently just taken a bite out a KitKat and found, to his utter disbelief, an image of Jesus.

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    • Heinz Salad Cream & PlayCaptcha

      • Heinz
      • UK

      Heinz partners with Future Ad Labs to exploit the reach of Captcha, with a world first mini branded gamified Captcha called PlayCaptcha.

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    • Departure Roulette

      • Heineken
      • USA

      Heineken creates a real life game board ‘Departure Roulette’ that dared travellers to drop their current travel plans at the push of a button.

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    • Kissan - No More Lunchbox Excuses

      • Kissan
      • India

      Kissan converts boring healthy lunch boxes into exciting Kissan Rolls.

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    • Ahh Effect

      • Coca Cola
      • USA

      Coca-Cola exploits the ‘AHH’ feeling teens only get from drinking a Coke through the digital ecosystem.

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    • Video Stamp

      Australia Post combines tradition (the humble stamp) with technology (QR code) in the world’s first Video Stamp.

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    • Change the bottle, Change the game

      • Steinlager
      • New Zealand

      Steinlager turns beer into a social game for fans through the label on its bottles.

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    • Halonix Safer City Project

      • Halonix
      • India

      Halonix positions itself as a socially responsible brand by repurposing its outdoor advertising to transform into street lights at night.

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    • ANZ GAYTMs

      • ANZ Bank
      • Australia

      ANZ Bank transforms ATMs into dazzling GAYTMs to spread its message of diversity and inclusion.

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    • Vasco de Gama
    • Brazil
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