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Idea of the Week

Inspiration from Cream for AdvertisingAge readers

Divine chocolate bar

  • Kit-Kat
  • The Netherlands

People are always claiming to find the face of Jesus on odd places - on pieces of toast, in a cushion, on a meteorite. KitKat wanted to play on its 'Have a break, have a KitKat' tagline within this context. Have a break in the Netherlands means "give me a break" or "enough is enough". Instead of creating an ad, they created a sighting of Jesus in a KitKat. A credible fake email was created and sent from a person who had apparently just taken a bite out a KitKat and found, to his utter disbelief, an image of Jesus.

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    • #weareallmonkeys

      • Neymar Jr.
      • Brazil

      Neymar Jr starts a worldwide racism debate with a humorous social media campaign to take the weight off the word “monkey”.

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    • #HowIeatmyMcMeal

      • McDonald's
      • Argentina

      McDonald’s engages with fans across LatAm in a personal place, asking them to share their unique way of eating their McMeal.

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    • A volunteer hose

      • Panama Fire Department
      • Panama

      Panama Fire Department embarks on a recruitment drive finding the perfect place and moment when men would be holding a ‘hose’ in their hands.

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    • Duty Fee Shop

      • Oriental Bank
      • Puerto Rico

      Oriental Bank creates a pop up Duty Fee Shop where consumers could change their ATM receipts for products equalling that value.

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    • SPRITE Sudden Refreshment Campaign

      • Sprite
      • Japan

      Sprite unveils an exciting way to communicate its Sudden Refreshment message with a Splash Vending Machine experience.

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    • Game of Phones - The Game that Ruled Australia

      • Virgin Mobile
      • Australia

      Virgin Mobile creates a location-based mobile app challenge where consumers are the warriors, mobile is the weapon and Virgin Family rewards are the treasure.

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    • Be Beautiful

      • Ponds
      • India

      Unilever creates ‘Be Beautiful’ – a platform where women can have relevant and customised conversations about their beauty needs.

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    • Find the J-Man

      • JBL
      • Germany

      Harman Germany uses an iconic and eye-catching figure – J-Man – and secret codes to show its JBL product as “trendy” and “exciting”.

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    • Skol
    • Brazil
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