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Idea of the Week

Inspiration from Cream for AdvertisingAge readers

Divine chocolate bar

  • Kit-Kat
  • The Netherlands

People are always claiming to find the face of Jesus on odd places - on pieces of toast, in a cushion, on a meteorite. KitKat wanted to play on its 'Have a break, have a KitKat' tagline within this context. Have a break in the Netherlands means "give me a break" or "enough is enough". Instead of creating an ad, they created a sighting of Jesus in a KitKat. A credible fake email was created and sent from a person who had apparently just taken a bite out a KitKat and found, to his utter disbelief, an image of Jesus.

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    • Time to Change Edvertorial

      • Time to Change
      • UK

      The Time to Change charitable campaign partners with IPC Media for true editorial integration around mental health problems.

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    • Help a Child reach 5

      • Lifebuoy
      • Indonesia

      Lifebuoy creates high-end tech ‘hand washing booths’ with the nozzle of its unique handwash bottles connected to Google maps via a chip.

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    • Alexander & James Meets Mr Porter

      • Alexander & James
      • UK

      Alexander & James forms a content partnership with Mr Porter featuring its first ever commercial video hub.

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    • Perrier – The Secret Place

      • Perrier
      • Canada

      Perrier launches ‘The Secret Place’ – an immersive digital experience that lets you have the ultimate party.

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    • Skylanders: The Little Kid That Did

      • Activision
      • Denmark

      Activision turns its harshest-critics into dragon slayers, by giving mums the chance to give the game to their kids before anyone else could buy it.

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    • Anti Pre-Roll

      • Burger King
      • New Zealand

      Burger King makes 64 customised YouTube ads, with characters speaking directly to the viewer.

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    • Google Now Just Do The Right Thing

      • Google
      • Taiwan

      Google gives consumers a chance to discover the power of ‘Google Search App’ through a series of story films.

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    • Invisible People

      • UNHCR
      • Korea

      UNHCR holds a 3D exhibition of “Invisible People” to highlight the sufferings of North Korean refugees to South Koreans.

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    • Pedigree
    • USA
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